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Hey so as everyone knows President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize...even though he still hasn't really done anything so they give it to him for having good intentions...ok?...but should be suspicious now because you know all about how the anti-christ will come and make peace...NOTE: IM NOT CALLING HIM THE ANTI-CHRIST. Im just asking


  • Intresting...!!!!!
  • He haven't DONE anything YET!!! When he does, he'd atleast deserve that prize. Considering the end times and the "anti-christ," read everything else about it and come back and talk about it.
  • Yes I do know that he hasn't done anything thats why I am asking should we be concerned because they gave the award to him without doing anything which is very rare.
  • This is something funny I heard during the week:
    If Obama is given the Noble Prize for good intentions and to give him momentums why not give students an A in the beginning of a semester for good intentions and give them motivation?  ;D ;D ;D

    Thomas N.
  • my opinion on Obama is this: if you look at how he came to power, how the people responded and blindly followed a man they knew nothing about, you can see the type of antichrist, a forerunner if you will. he has gotten millions to adore him and love him even though he has never done anything. i dont think obama is THE antichrist but a good example of how the antichrist will come to power, with blind submission from the people.
  • you kind of contradict yourself you said that you think he is the antichrist then you said he's good example of how the antichrist will come to power...how is he an example of the antichrist if you say he is the antichrist
  • He hasn't really done anything. He's just more eloquent than Bush.

    He said that he was pro-marriage - but has allowed gays to serve in the army and get married.

    He is pro-choice (pro-abortion).

    He hasnt made any changes to gun laws in the USA.

    I think once we start to neglect our religion, there's no difference between us and animals - it seems it is getting that way.
  • I decided that my post was not relevant to the topic subject...so I deleted it..
  • Who would be a better candidate for the nobel peace prize?
  • Who would be a better candidate for the nobel peace prize?

    Stephen Harper!!!!!

    I wonder if he would of got that award if he wasn't black...

    + QT_PA_2T, wat do u mean he hasnt really done anything!!! u just stated he has allowed homosexuals to serve in the army and GET MARRIED!!!??? QT_PA_2T, this is SOMETHING!!!
    AAANNNDDD that he is for abortion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You support gay marriage and abortion?!?! IS this tasbeha.org?!?!

    Like others said, he didn't do anything (yet) to deserve this award.
  • [quote author=Aegyptian link=topic=8395.msg106792#msg106792 date=1255291720]
    Who would be a better candidate for the nobel peace prize?

    Someone  who actually did something...and i think ilovejesus is just saying he has done stuff but nothing good...
  • +sodr

    i wrote it in the context that some r suggesting he is the anti-christ and that he is getting a  nobel peace prize when he is clearly making wrong therefore abortion and homosexuals getting married is "something" to consider he is the anti-christ. if he is the antichrist, i didnt want anyone to be fooled by his acts so i wrote: he did something bad but yet the people were too decieved to give him a nobel peace prize! therefor this is something!
    i hope that clears up any misuderstanding.
  • haha he won the nobel preace prize for hopefying the world, thats all he did and thats probably all hes gonna do
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