Judging yourself

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Ok so is judging yourself wrong? because i was talking to a person and they think that Judge so you will not be judged includes yourself...what should i say in response


  • of course you judge yourself, when the Bible says, "judge not that you not be judge" it means do not judge others. If we don't judge ourselves how can we correct ourselves? We should look at ourselves now and give ourselves a prejudgment, and know if we are pleasing God, or going against Him. In the conclusion of every hour we pray, "Who loves the righteous and has mercy on the sinners, of whom I am Chief." This is a judgement on ourselves, admitting I am the worst of all sinners and God I need your mercy, and compassion.
  • i also have a question...
    we are warned not to judge...

    ok so i take that to mean a persons spiritual state? or judging as if he's going to hell? the two are pretty much the same anyways

    so im wondering is it wrong to say that so and so is rich in spirituality and going to heaven? is that judging, or is judging referring to labeling people as weak and going to hell only?
  • does it matter, lets worry about ourselves first, then when the time comes to worry about the speck in my brothers eye i can, and if you say this person is rich spiritually and going to heaven just remember it is for the glory of God and not the person.
  • I think it is fine to judge your self. I mean if you are a bad and sinful person. you will admit to yourself that you are a bad and sinful person.  Eventually through the Grace of God, you will change.  Think of it as analyzing yourself rather than judging. 
    i mean everyone has to analyze themselves to see if they really are willing to go through the narrow path. Do you not analyze your sins and yourself when you are ready to confess?
    Sorry if i didnt make any sense, hopefully someone can clarify

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