Fraction to the Son?

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I was searching for the words of the fraction to the Son, and i found a fraction to the Son that someone put on youtube and I wasnt sure which one it was. I had never heard it before in English, and I dont think its in the southern diocese book. Can someone help me find the words in English? the fraction can be found at:

or you can just go to youtube and search fraction to the son and it should be the first thing. From what I understand in Arabic its very beautiful, but there are a few parts that I dont understand, so an English translation would be great.
Thanks for your help


  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk about a heaven on earth

    thank you for this video
  • Hey!! I LOVE this fraction!! Here is the english version:
    Listen to the whole thing...its so amazing. =]
    God Bless you =]
  • Oh and the new liturgy book that came out in the southern diosece has the fraction...u have to look very good for it =]
  • Here is the text to the original poster's Fraction (there are two fractions to the Son at anytime, the one posted by Silentone and this one which corresponds to the youtube fraction). Please pray for me.

    O You Who are existing, Who was existing, the One Omnipresent and Eternal before all ages, the Co-Equal with the Father and the One in Godhead with Him, the Originator of mercies, Who desired by His will to suffer for sinners of whom I am chief.  For when You desired to save me, You did not send an angel, nor an archangel, not a cherub, nor a prophet.  But You, Yourself, descended from Your Father’s bosom to the womb of the Virgin.  You became as despised, and walked upon the earth as man; and this is the wonder of Your humility.

    The manger carried You like a poor person, and the swaddling clothes wrapped You.  The arms carried You, and the knees of the Virgin exalted You.  The mouth kissed You, and the milk nourished You, O You Who nourish the whole creation with Your grace.  For my sake, O my Master, You accepted disgrace and blasphemy; and accepted shame, insults, intimidation and slapping.  The stubborn people oppressed You, and they did not know that You are the Savior of the world.  They passed judgment that You deserved death, and screamed in Your face to be crucified for Your people.  The harsh people burdened You with the wood of the Cross, for my sake; I who am carrying the judgment of death with my own will.The wicked hit You on Your head, and spat in Your face for my sake.  They placed a crown of thorns on Your head and a rod in Your right hand.  They dressed You in purple, made fun of You.  And, in Your humility, You suffered all this for my sake. They lifted You up on the tree, O You Who lifts up all the universe with Your power.  In the time of Your thirst they gave You vinegar, O You Who quenches the whole creation with Your grace.  They brought You to judgment as a despised person, and slapped Your cheek for my sake.  They flogged Your back with whips.  You were buried in the grave like the dead, so that You could bury my iniquities.

    They guarded Your tomb and feared You, for truly You are awesome over all gods.  You rose, my Savior, with might, and broke the thorn of Hades for me.  You gave me Your Body and Blood to live with, and made me hear Your voice saying, “Whoever eats My Body and drinks My Blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.  For My Body is food indeed, and My Blood is drink indeed.  He who eats My Body and drinks My Blood abides in Me, and I in him.”
    You taught me to keep Your commandments and study Your law.  You cried after me saying: “Come and draw near to Me, that You may be justified from your sins.”  Behold, my Master, here I come knocking at the door of Your compassion.  Receive from me this sacrifice as a ransom for my sins and the foolishness of Your people. Dwell in us through Your Holy Spirit, and purify us from every iniquity and hypocrisy.  Let Your Body and Blood be as a propitiation, redemption and refinement of all our iniquities.  And because I have come forward touching Your Body and Blood yearning for Your Love, so do not burn me with them, O my Creator, but burn all the thorns which are choking my soul.
    Accept this sacrifice for the sake of Your mother, so that we may come to You, and You may come and dwell in us with Your Holy Spirit.  And with intimacy we call God, Your Father, our Father, and raise our voices and say Our Father…

  • thanks everyone, the one that yostosa posted is the one for the video i asked about. Yostosa, what was your source for the words?
  • There is one that is said by Fr. Anastasi St. Anthony on but I'm not sure of the exact location of it on that site, but it is the second one that begins with Oh the Lamb of God who carries the sins of the world...
  • here is the fraction in a better form and little translation difference.
  • Does anyone know where I could find a Coptic text of the Fraction that SilentOne posted? Unless it was originally written in Arabic which probably means there is no Coptic text...
    I heard it in the mass for the first time today, its so eloquent!

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