Saint Bishoy, the righteous and perfect man, the beloved of our Good Savior!


here is my sacrifice... in a bit I will post his tamgeed


akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!


  • hey, thanks man! do you know where can i find his movie?
  • thank you so much and HAPPY SAINT BISHOY'S FEAST for you, too.
    God bless you :)
  • The Glorification of the Great Saint, Saint Bishoy (Paisios) the Righteous and Perfect Man, the Beloved of Our Good Savior

    In the church of the victorious    the pious and the pure
    The example for the perfect      Peniot Abba Bishoy

    In the assembly of the pious          your face shines as an angel
    Saying, “worthy worthy are you”          Peniot abba Bishoy

    The eskeem and the cross              decorated the wilderness
    From you comes sweet aroma              Peniot abba Bishoy

    He picked you since you were a boy        God the father promised you
    He guided you by an angel                            Peniot abba Bishoy

    To scetes you became an example                      to the way of perfection
    To all Generations                                          Peniot Abba Bishoy

    To God you were close                              but to Him you were a beloved
    So He came to you as a stranger                  Peniot abba Bishoy

    You sat at His feet                                     your hands took water
    To wash His feet                                          Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Your depths shone                                  and your sayings were blessed
    And your actions were perfected                Peniot Abba Bishoy

    In prayers of Humility                                            in bowing and kneeling
    In repentance and tears                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    You lit the night by prayers                                  staying awake in God’s love
    Being with God and begging Him                          Peniot Abba Bishoy

    The robes where tightened                                just like the strings of the timbrel
    Tuning David’s psalms                                    Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Gentle as the dove                                              your eyes did not sleep
    Never wronged in words                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    You Carried Jesus Christ                                    on your shoulders with honor
    You became a chosen throne                                Peniot Abba Bishoy

    You carried Him as a poor man                              with a happy and honest heart
    And He is the Savior of the world                            Peniot Abba Bishoy

    He appeared to you with His image               and you saw His wounds
    So you cried with joy of the spirit                            Peniot Abba Bishoy

    “Oh Glorified in Your heavens                              How sweet is Your Humility?
    I’m the chief of sinners                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    The heavens is your throne                                  and the earth is your footstool
    And I am your creation                                            Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Your divinity did not burn me                            and by your fire I did not die
    Oh the Lord of the Sabbath                                    Peniot Abba Bishoy

    I am dirt and mud                                                and you are the Lord of glory
    Forever and ever                                                      Peniot Abba Bishoy

    I bow to the ground                                            to you oh only begotten of the father
    Who is before creation                                            Peniot Abba Bishoy

    All of the cherubim                                          which is filled with Great honor
    Carries you Oh great!                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    And I the sinner oh Lord                             you are the only one I consider
    You cover my sins”                                                      Peniot Abba Bishoy

    So the Lord of Glory said                             “Oh Bishoy, peace to you
    Your sins are forgiven                                                Peniot Abba Bishoy

    I am the Lord of glory                                             have commanded to the ages
    Your body will not decay”                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    He stood with great joy                               His face greatly shone
    Singing the psalm                                                        Peniot Abba BIshoy

    “I will glorify You, My Lord                             for you embraced me
    My enemy will never defeat me                              Peniot Abba Bishoy

    I will glorify you Jesus                                             oh you the living water
    For you I thirst and hunger                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    My soul glorifies you                                             and my spirit rejoices
    Oh God my Savior                                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    For you looked to me                                             to my heart’s humility
    I carried you with my body                                        Peniot Abba BIshoy

    The world will rejoice of me                 generations will elevate me
    The worms will not decay my body”                          Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Your name in scetes is loved                 the light of the weighing of hearts
    Teach me how to repent                                            Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Remember our weaknesses                 and ask from the Father for us
    With your prayers                                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    Oh lord remember our patriarch                 and his partners the bishops
    And our priests and monks                                        Peniot Abba Bishoy

    And keep oh Lord of lords                                   all these, our beloved
    Those who are present or not here                          Peniot Abba Bishoy

    The meaning of your name is always on the mouths of the believers’
    Everyone says Oh the God of Saint Bishoy Help us all!
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