My Final Exams :)

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*God Bless All...especially QT*

Well Im Doing Camrbidge International Examinations of IGCSE (international general certificate of secondary education) and AS( advanced subsidary education)

Well here it comes  ;D:
18th May : IGCSE Business Paper 1
19th May: IGCSE Arabic paper 2
20th May: (two exams on that day !  :) pray for me !...) AS Physics paper 2...IGCSE Information Technology
22Nd May: AS Mathematics : Mechanics and Its principles
26th May: AS physics paper 3 (practical exam)
28th May: AS chemistry paper 3 (practical exam)
1st June: IGCSE Accounting paper 3( VERY HARD  :) )
5th June : AS mathematics : Pure Mathematics level 2
8th June : AS chemistry paper 1
9th June: AS Physics paper 1
10th June: AS chemistry paper 2
12th June: IGCSE ACCOUNTING paper 1

God i love you  :)...and all saints  :)...and all of you from  :D


  • WOOW thats a lott!

    God bless and your in my prayers.  You shall do fine =)

  • God be with you. i got tired just reading the full list. ;D  May God be with you and help you. if you want I can send you some prayers you can say before your exams. Insh3alla you'll do great!
    God bless you
    Please pray for me
  • Thank you ALL! even though those who viewed the thread :)!
    Il keep you informed on how i do through each exam  ;D

    God BLESS!!
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