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Hello everyone
I have this problem with masturbation I cannot stop at all it is 10x more addictive than a drug. I know many people have posted about this but what makes my situation worse is when I do this sin I do not feel any remorse or guilt. I have been doing it for a long number of years and everytime I try to stop I fall into the temptation. PLEASE HELP ME AND PRAY FOR ME


  • As an ex-addict of masturbation and pornography allow me to share my past experience. I had started masturbating at a very young age and had been an addict for more than 9 years. I started watching pornography along with masturbating in the last four years of my masturbating years. If I am to put a time line for those 9 years I would say the first 3 years and the last 1 year are the worst. The other years in between were years where my conscience had died and I did not even felt any guilt.
    On the last year I started taking communion. Even while I was taking communion I still indulged myself in that sin. But I come to realize that I just can’t accept this life style. I confessed to my abouna long after I start taking communion (may God forgive me for all the time I take communion while unworthy). Though I would not advise this to others, I started to skip taking Holy Communion on weeks I masturbate because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it any more. After making a strong resolution not to ever do it again I used to found myself indulged again. I cried many times finding it hard to believe that God would leave me in my sin indefinitely.
    My Abouna was very loving and patient with me. He always told me to read the Bible daily and pray, which I found very helpful. Some of the stories of our great Saints such as St. Mary of Egypt and St. Augustine were also very inspiring for me.
    Finally, my masturbation habits start to become sporadic. I started going months without masturbating which gives me a great inner peace. How truly our Lord said “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27 
    I still consider myself an addict. Sometimes I feel the urge to masturbate or watch porno. But compared to the strength of urge I used to feel before I would say the rare urges I experience now are very weak.   
    I am exposing my bleak past hoping that others who are in the same mire as I was would not give up hope. If you are in despair let it lead you to repentance. I can tell you for sure God won’t leave you to struggle by yourself but He will toil with you.
    May God have mercy on us!!!
    In Chrits
  • wow, amazing posts.
    if these are not enough try these:
    from the last time this was discussed.

    you've posted here with your problem, this is the first step and, i think, indicates at least sub-conscious remorse.
    you also need to clear out any junk from your room / house, eg any magazines, and get a friend to put 'parental controls' on your computer with a pass-word you don't know.
    block all suspect channels on your tv (again you may need to ask a friend) and cover your room / house with saint pictures or beautiful scenery photos, so wherever you look, you see something holy.
    also look up the story of ba-eesa el ta-eba (baiesa the repentant) who thought it was way too late to repent, but got there in the end. you ay be able to borrow it on dvd from a local church, there is an australian company who make it with subtitles in english.
    may God guide you
  • Look into jesus eyes very carefully...know that he is watching you...
  • watch the movie fireproof!!

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