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Im really suffering..and i try to quit it...but every 5 days i keep doing it, IS it A SIN!....please some oen tell mee!


  • Hi Kimo,

    I'm afraid masturbation is definitely a sin. It's a selfish act that stems from lust, and many young people (male and female) struggle with it. It's good that you're trying to quit though. The most important thing when trying to quit any bad habit or sin is to pray that God may strengthen you and help you. If you put in an honest effort towards stopping, then He will surely help you.

    Pracitically, there are a few things you can do. It is at moments where you have lots of free time and your thoughts wander that you're most vulnerable to these lusts. Therefore, try to keep yourself busy when these thoughts start invading your mind. It may also be helpful to learn a few psalms or songs/hymns by heart to sing at moments where you feel vulnerable.

    You may also want to tell your father of confession or spiritual father about this problem, and arrange to call them everytime you feel these lusts taking over. If this isn't possible, then maybe find yourself a spiritual brother or sister so that every time you feel this lust attacking you, you can call them to be strengthened spiritually.

    Also, you may find that you are most vulnerable just after you've woken up in bed. This is a challenging time for everyone, as your thoughts aren't quite pulled together at this time! As soon as you wake up, get out of bed and spend some time in prayer. This will help keep your mind free of lustful thoughts and urges.

    All of this combined with prayer and spiritual support from your confession father or spiritual guardians will greatly help you. Most importantly, don't worry if you fall. Repent straight away and stand back up; never be discouraged. Satan's voice is always in our ear telling us how worthless we are and how we have no hope of overcoming his temptations. YOU MUST NOT LISTEN TO THIS! Christ was born, died and rose for YOU - there's no way you can be worthless!

    God bless,
  • Thanks Brother.
    People like you will be in heaven.
  • Hello Kimo,
    Brother i believe that it is a sin.
    i also believe alot of people do that.
    Always keep ths in mind "WWJD" It means "what will jesus do"
    Imagine you r with Christ in that position.
    What do u think he will feel.
    Always hve that in mind
    and i pray to god to help u quit this
    ps tell ur Father of Confession and he will also help you
    Pray for me and for my weakness
    God Bless
  • I think it is related to waching porn movies.It is an addiction and it can last to older ages .It is a satanic war against our spirit and torment the inner feeling of a person even if you are married and it gets worse when you stressed out in life.
    The only solution is to decide with yourself to make yourself busy with the bible and prayers even when you are on the computer and make yourself busy helping others this way you dont have time for addiction.
    Keep your diet low in fat and sugar and small portion.The amount of food you eat has alot to do with the habit in young age.
  • all of you are in my prayers.
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