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What is the difference between a bishop and metropoitan?


  • A Metropolitan is both an honorific title for some bishops, especially in the Coptic Orthodox Church, but it is also the title of the bishop who heads a regional synod. So for instance, if the US and Canada ended up with many more bishops then one of the bishops might become the Metropolitan and preside over the Synod of the Metropolia of North America.

    Father Peter
  • "Metropolia"

    It's great to know this word. I know there is one like it in arabic to call the diocese led by a  Metropolitan, which is "Metropolitan."

    A Bishop leads a bishopric.
    A Metropolitan leads a Metropolia.
  • In English we also have the word 'diocese' for the area cared for by a bishop.

    Father Peter
  • A bishopric, usually, doesn't refer to a geographical location (example, Bishopric of Youth, Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services, etc...)  while a Diocese refers to a geographical region (example, LA Diocese, Diocese of Southern United States).

    In the Coptic church, the difference is mainly administrative. A metropolitan is responsible for a larger area (Metropolitan area). While bishop is responsible for a smaller area (diocese). or it could also refer larger congregation. In the Coptic church, a metropolitan is not a liturgical rank. Both a bishop and a metropolitan are the same "level".

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank You all Very Much
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