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HElllo Everyone and peace to you all!

I love to read and listen about miiracles that occurred.
If you have any miracles that happened to you please share!!!

Pray for me and my weaknesses


  • I wasn't born yet but this happened in my family. When my older sister was born the doctors said that her heart stopped and that she was dead. After 5 minutes the doctors returned and said that she was alive. That is the greatest miracle that has happened in my family, or else i would have never ever had an older sister. Thank You O'Lord!!!
  • i tore some ligaments in my necck one day and went to the hospital and they told me to move it a lot, so i did, and then three days later, i find out that its a serious injury and that one of my backbones was not being held in place, yet it didn't move, thank God, so i wasnt paralyzed! so it was a miracle that i wasn't paralyzed after moving my neck soo much :) yay
  • O How wonderful God is
    Any more miracles???!
  • do we have to post about miracles that happened to us?
  • if anyone knows much about blood clots in the brain they would know that it can kill you....and a very close family member of mine had a blood clot in his brain...the doctors said it was either his sight would go or his life and obviously life was chosen and the operation was successful and this man thankfully lives on :)
  • before I was born
    when my mum was pregenant with my sister
    31 years ago
    in the aerly stages of the pregnancy
    she was attending another christening in melbourne australia
    and abouna Tadros Yacoub was the priest who was baptizing the child at the time.....
    he told my mum
    enshala we will baptize your daughter in Alexandria........... and my mum was surprissed..
    so when she gave birth she had A girl....
    so my dad told my mum we are going to egypt to abouna tadros yacoub to be baptized.....
    so it happened
    dad went to alexandria at the time to baptize my older sister
    and abouna was very sick and he could not do anything
    so my dad insisted and he explained to him that he travelled from australia especially to baptize his daughter...
    so abouna remembered my dad and he got out of his bed and he eventually baptized my sister at the after the christening
    abouna tadros told my mum enshala we will babtize her brother in australia.....
    and my mum did not know she was poregnant again.....
    so it happened
    when it was time for my brother to be baptized
    guess who was in australia at the time?
    Abouna Tadros Yacoub
    ..... this man is a blessed man
    thankk you for reading this story
  • Feel free to post any miracle you know, not just miracles that happened to you  :)
  • When my dad's Church in Egypt this miracle happened. My dad's church  (St.Demiana) was doing a Zafa for her around the church. then a couple of muslim people came up to them. the leader of the group said,"if u don't destroy that picture of whoever that is (he was talking about the picture of St.Demiana) then we will destroy the church and the picture." then the people replied and said no. Then the muslim leader had his son next to him. So wen he heard the response, he didn't like it, so he took a rock from the ground and threw it at the picture. right before the rock touched the picture, the rock turned around and hit the muslim leader's son. the muslim leader couldn't believe it so he threw another rock. Once again, the rock turned back and hit his son. they couldn't beleive it! then the muslim guy took his son and his group and ran away.
  • Hey i know im little bit late..
    But my dad told me a Miracle from my Grandpa.

    My Grandpa's Fave Saint was St.Abanob,One day he wanted to visit the Monastery of St.Abanob in Egypt.
    He Sat in the train to egypt and had big worries how he should find the way to the Monastery,he prayed to God that he may help him.
    Suddenly a Little boy stand beside him and asked"Where you want to go?"My Grandpa said"I Want to go to the Monastery of St.Abanob,but i dont know exactly the way"The little boy Replied:"Dont worry ill bring you there i know the way"The boy delivered my Grandpa there and the Abouna asked how did you find in here cause its a really Hard way"My grandpa said:"A boy showed me the way"

    And we All know who this Little boy was;)

    Please pray for my weakness!!
    So I changed it cause it was wrong,he told me the story again:)
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