What makes a good servant?

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What are charateristics or activities that a church servant should have?


  • What makes a good servant deals with qualities that you have. For example I think Humility ( being humble) is an important one. You should have humility in your life. Being a good servant means a servant who is true to God. If you want to be a good servant you need to follow God's commandments and The Holy Bible. We all try to be good servants in a way, but what  doesn't make us a good servant to the Lord, is pride. We need to escape from having pride in ourselves.
    May God Bless you and be with you.

    Pray for me and my weaknesses
  • Dr. Nabil Baki gave a really good lecture on the life of a servant. I recommend it to everyone.

    not everyone is cut out for service in the Church. You must definately have humility - I agree, but furthermore, a strong desire to serve the Lord. This is very important. I knew MANY servants that ended up as servants just because Abouna liked them and knew them. Were they good servants? They were the most arrogant and wicked people I've ever met in my life. If someone was ever contemplating suicide, and he or she met these servants, they'd have pushed you over the edge.

    It is a blessing to teach children God's love, but you must 1st experience this yourself. You must 1st experience God's Mercy and His Compassion. This is the best way to end up as a servant. You must know in your heart that the fruit of sin is death, and not only that, but you must be 110% sure that sin destroys the person, and you must want to help others out of this sin.

    For what is the Church other than a spiritual hospital that caters for sinners?? The CoC views sin as an illness, and from the very 1st step you make in the CoC, you'll find that everything is done to  diagnose, correct, remedy and heal this illness from you.

    If you honestly care about other's that you want them to be free from the bondages of sin, then you should serve.

    If you are doing it for ANY other reason, I doubt that you will be a successful servant.
  • I have a question what if you have the eagerness to be a servant but your skills of being a servant aren't so good for example your affectiveness in teaching a lesson or giving a lecture. What makes a servant an affective/efficient servant?
  • I think you can so something else if you want to serve God. Also, you can work on making sermons if thats the weakness.

    Please pray for my weaknesses and me
  • service isnt just lectures and sermons and sunday school, service is picking up people who dont have rides, taking care of kids while parents are at work, standing with kids during liturgy to make sure they are paying attention, or any other thing, not just sunday school, there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff to do!
  • I know ur probably going to think this is dumb

    but watch the movie "it happened that Night" by Pope Shenouda (It is three stories he wrote the first is about what a good servant is like)
  • I agree very much with HisServant.

    If we wish to be servants then it must begin before we have any visible part of play in the liturgy and organisation of the Church activities. Indeed service in the Church is a responsibility for all, both men and women, old and young.

    Just as the priesthood of a few guarantees that all of the Church can fulfill the ministry of the priesthood of all believers, so the diaconate of a few releases the whole Church into service.

    Long before I became even a reader it was necessary for me to serve. Indeed my record of service, poor though it was, allowed my priest and bishop to ordain me to one of the minor orders. Some of the service I engaged in has changed, but it must be the same Christian spirit which is in us all.

    A good servant is one who already has a servant heart. All the rest is of less value than that. I would rather a deacon standing beside me at the altar who had a hesitant voice but was humble and a servant of all, than one who had a strong voice, and knew all the hymns, and yet thought too much of himself and left others to get on with the menial tasks.

    Does somebody turn up regularly to clean the Church? Are they happy collecting service books together after prayers? Do they volunteer to visit an older Church member and make sure they are safe? In fact do they do all of these things quietly and without drawing attention to themselves? Such a person could be a good servant, because they are already a servant.

    Father Peter
  • QT mentioned that you must have a strong eagerness to seve God...my question is: what if you're very eager to serve people/you enjoying helping others? Is that the same, on account of that one verse that says something about what you do to your neighbors and friends you do to God...? 
  • If you are helping others with a generous spirit and as service to God then this is the spirit of the deacon.

    If any of us help others to gain praise for ourselves, then this is a bad attitude and takes away any blessing we might have received.

    As I said previously, I would rather my own deacons were first of all kind and helpful people, who could then learn the rites, than people who knew the rites but were not kind and helpful.

    A deacon is a servant, and so wherever you are serving others and offering this service to God you are already entering into the ministry of a deacon.

    Father Peter
  • adding to all of this... The Fruits of the Spirit..

    Love Joy Peace Longsuffering Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self-control.
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