what should i do?

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Hey there i posted that stuff about kissing and now i asked my sunday school teacher a few hours ago and he said yeh it is wrong...
But in school, in 6th grade i didn't really care but as i got popular i started to think about it and im giving in really fast. I have a lot of friends and girl friends too(as in friends not realshinship...) and its really hard especially when most of them have girl friends/boyfriends and probebly most of you are going to say stay away from them? how can i do that when they come to me? Do you want me to just say [b]GET AWAY FROM ME I DOTN WANT TO HEAR OR SEE YOU????[b] And yes i have tried praying to god to help me and im fasting right now  and i have givin it time its been about 2 years and nothing. I will evenually kiss someone.

I'm sure if i ask abouna he will tell me to stay away from them which i really can't do...

What should i do?


  • I don't understand..if kissing is wrong, then what is this sin called? How do i confess to abouna it?
  • why is kissing a sin?
  • my teacher said its part of sex... and he's really cool he wouldn't say that to protect me he told me the truth.. just tell abouna you kissed...
  • but it isn't sex...so if i kiss that means i'm having sex!!!! i'm in a relationship right now..what should i do?
  • Dear christianlover,

    I do not know how old you are, but hearing you say that you will eventually kiss someone for sure actually surprises me. You seem to be more worried about the kissing than about the one you will be kissing.
    I would like to remind you that a kiss is a intimate thing, a sign of affection between a husband and his wife.
    Be my guest to kiss your wife as much as you want when you get married, but before that there is no reason to kiss any girl... a kiss kan lead to worse things, like having sex with that person (with all the bad consequences it has). Love as much people as you like, love them with true Christian love, but as you probably know, there are three different kinds of love, and one of them is only for married couples!
    Every time you say the 'Our father', you pray 'do not lead us into temptation', then why would you harm yourself by getting yourself into situations you obviously cannot cope with?

    And then this: your friends influence you as you say and you cannot leave them. But why is the case not otherwise, why cant you make them NOT kiss each other? Why cant you leave them? Is their presence more important to you than your eternal life?

    Please dont get mad at me for being blunt, it is just the way I see things.
    Keep me in your prayers.
  • you could also use your populitrity to explain to people that you are christian and this is wrong!  People will respect you more in life if you are honest then if you lie and try to fallow the crowd. You can still hang out with your friends just tell them this stuff is not for me, if they dont like you after then they are truely not your friends anyway and they will back stab you in the future.. Good luck.
  • dude,
    I left my best friends at school last year because i realized that God was definately not invited to hang out with us. I also fasted and prayed to God to help me figure this out, and sure enough God presented me with an escape. It was really hard at first cause my friends weren't getting the message, and kept clining to me, and then i was like a loner for a bit, but then God, as amazing as He is, brought me into an awesome group that love God and are soo kind. After a few weeks your friends will get the message. Almost a year later, i can definately say that those few weeks where i was a lsoer were definately worth it cause i found, well God found, some great friends that bring me closer to God, so why not leave them? Ask yourself, is God invited in your group? Would it be a group God would want to be in?
  • to add to what everyone said, consider this verse,

    Matthew 19:29-30
    "29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life. 30 But many who are first will be last, and the last first."

    you can add friends to that list
  • I would say kissing can lead to further temptations. It can arouse certain passions in us and put us in more comprimising situations. Teens are more vulnerable to this since hormones run rampant and certain physical reactions become more problemsome. Kissing is not wrong BUT it can open a door way towards newer temptations. Ask your Abouna where does chastity play in all this. American culture can be promiscous at times and lead to believe its ok to "make out". If that's the case the track record among U.S teens don't look so well: pregnancy,abortion, addictions, low self esteem and HIV. This is a generalization. Kissing and sexuality are gifts from God. Let's cherish them as such.
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