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I have this friend who absolutely knows nothing about being a deacon and serving, etc... so i kept nagging him to come and learn, and i even offered to teach him the things is know (not much). He said he would do it though, so i told him to learn ameen espateer, but the problem is that he knows nothing at all about serving, and i wanted to know if there was an easy way to teach him about this, or even a book he can read to learn when things happen, and why we pray certain liturgys, etc... thanks in advance  :o

Pray for me and my faith, and for our beloved Abouna Bishoy


  • Well first thing, try to watch over him and make sure he's not placed in any situation that could make him regret ever becoming a deacon (I've seen it many times: making the new ones try to chant the gospel or sing a very long reply, etc.). Try to explain things to him during the liturgy if possible (try not to be loud or draw attention to yourselves) and immediately right after the liturgy, so he can process it and make connections quickly. There's this children's liturgy book, which you've probably seen - the blue one, I'm not sure if he'd like to use that since I'm figuring he's older (teenager?), but maybe it could be of some use. This site can probably help:
  • there is a mistake on that site
  • [quote author=Hisservant link=topic=7655.msg100433#msg100433 date=1235327074]
    there is a mistake on that site

    Which? The picture showing the way Abouna proceeds around the church or something else?
  • theotokia- it doesnt mean Mother of God- it means something like Praise to the Theotokos, basically a praise for St. Mary, there are a few others i think but I would have to take another look, but it is a very good site.
  • never mind he quit......i tried to reason but he wouldn't budge
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