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Is it in anyway bad to be a tomboy??? I dont know but it seems to me that i am one since i really like wearin pants and really really dont like wearing dresses/skirts.  I also really dont like make up and i think that sometimes people who put it on make themselves look worse than b4 and that they looked better without it. I inside think that i would have been better to be a boy (but i wouldnt go to any lengths to change my gender coz i think that is just weird), i dont like doing girly things. soo yeh, so is being a tom boy bad. Any comments also appreciated and welcomed. thanks. cya. have a great day and feast of st George. bii :) ;D


  • YOU WILL BURN IN HELL if you are a tom-boy.

    lol jk, its fine in my opinion. i know plenty of girls, including Coptics, that do this (to an extent, however!). Abouna doesnt seem to have a problem with it, just dont take it further than your apearance.
  • yeh, i know, its not like i am gonna go to the doctor and ask him/her to change me or anthing. thats just very very very weird. cya.
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