Hi To All

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Hello everyone! I am Optimus new to the forum. I have completed my BBA and searching for new friends i hope this forum will help me to find new and good friends. :)


  • Welcome to Tasbeha

    And I am sure that you will make new friends and you will also benefit as I did.

    God bless
    your brother in Christ
  • Welcome :D we are all friends through Christ. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do.
  • this is such an amateur bot, he couldn't even make it pause for every single "sendinput" structure which causes the huge typos that wouldn't normally occur with a child in elementary school. Why do all these people come to our site?
  • Then get rid of him Geo.
  • Hey!! WeLcOmE Optimus to this wonderful, interesting forum, I hope u will enjoy it and benefit from it.

    Pray for me!

    +Sister in Christ, Marmar+

  • 1000 x welcome optimus and may the Lord will give u joy, wisdom, peace and love!! :)

    Remember me in your prayers and Enjoy The forum To ThE MaX!  ;)

    God bless
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=9982.msg124933#msg124933 date=1292797074]
    Then get rid of him Geo.

    lol, ilovesaintmark, it's not that easy, i don't have control of the website or have administrator rights so i can't do anything. I think Father Peter took care of it though cuz i don't see the post anymore.
  • I can get rid of posts and threads but not delete accounts.

    Father Peter
  • Geo,

    I know you can...I know you can...I know you can.

    Don't let me down my little computer genius.

    I brag about you to everyone.

    Stop being humble.
  • lol ilovesaintmark. I promise i won't let you down.  :D
  • You're the MAN.

    Or in the Hood: U da man.
  • ye i represent dog. lol, if u try to say it in arabic it is very rude
  • Hi all,

    I am new to this website and hope to learn a lot more over here and hope to get good friends over here and share with them my knowledge and get to learn so many new things.


    Lets be friends! :D
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