Diffrentiating between the St. James'

I seem to have confused myself and the internet isn't exactly helping me out.

The name James is mentioned three times as following:

1. James [the Greater] - Son of Zebadee
2. James [the Lesser] - Son of Alpheus
3. James the Just

From what I've gathered, James the Greater preached in both Spain and Jerusalem, James the Lesser's name was only mentioned twice and was supposedly martyered preaching by the Gaza/Egypt border, and lastly James the Just was the head of church in Jerusalem, and presided over the Council of Jerusalem.

According to wikipedia, St. Jerome said James the Lesser is infact James the Just, and this view is accepted by the RCC.  However, apparently the Eastern Orthodox Church and some protestant churches refute this.

What's our stand on this, and who was James the Just?


  • The synaxarium says:

    When he grew up he was known as James the Just

    source here

    This leads me to the conclusion that we believe they were both the same person.
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