Salvation for others...

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Couldn't really find it in the archives, but I'm sure it must have been touched on before...

As most people know thanks to the internet, HH has been under attack lately because of many issues.  One of those issues was HE Abba Bishoy's televised statement that there is no salvation outside of Orthodoxy.  I was reading this article about a Catholic priest named Fr. Leonard Feeney who excommunicated back in the 50's over the same idea that there is no salvation outside of Catholicism. 

To be honest, I still don't know what is our Church's view on this subject [I've heard numerous, sometimes contridicting views.]  What I would like to know however is, does the Church support HE Abba Bishoy's statement, or has it distanced itself from it?

I was talking to a Protestant fellow, who was going of the deep end about such a remark.


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