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How many coptic hymns are there total? or just give me an estimate, like over 1000?


  • Wow.....thats a really good question, I know that this is not going to help much, but probably over 200 hymns.

    Thats my guess.

    Good luck on finding out.
  • its almost impossible to tell, and heres why.
    the entire liturgy is itself a prayer, and a hymn is also a prayer, so any prayer in the Coptic Church is a hymn! we sing all of the prayers in the liturgy so it really is impossible to tell how many prayers there are
  • well if you're talking just hymns George Kyrillos said there is over 1,048 known hymns today...

    he says it at about 5 minutes
  • yep 1,048 is what i was taught
  • that's great, i've only got 1,035 to go and i'll know them all!
  • HAHAHAHA, ur funny mabsoota. only 1,035. OHhH ur hilarious. hahaha good luck. keep it up the good work. bii
  • mabsoota, i think you know way more than that. They count Kirie Eleison as a hymn. There are a total of like 5 or 6 ways that it is said so there is 6 right there. It's not like 1,048 hymns like Pekethronos, lol.
  • Haha! You better start if you are going to make the world records for knowing the most hymns! That would be so cool, LOL.
  • Lol, Ibrahim Ayad has already won. :)
  • No doubt!!! Ibrahim Ayad is the best cantor ever!!!
  • lol wow man ... seems like a small number
  • [quote author=baladoos link=topic=9923.msg121829#msg121829 date=1289157926]
    No doubt!!! Ibrahim Ayad is the best cantor ever!!!

    Probably not even close.  It may be your opinion, which is your right, but it also relative to a leveraging of a limited sampling with which to come up with that conclusion.
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