In the Midst of the Raging Sea

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Does anyone have an english text for this song?
I love it sooo much.


  • For all those who where wondering like me:

    Jesus when He saw me came to me quickly
    In my despair and darkness, He opened my eyes
    When I saw Him, I cried have mercy! (x2)
    He came to me quickly and had mercy on me (x2)

    Verse 1
    In the midst of the raging sea, there I was sailing
    The waves were pounding me, making me afraid
    And it seems that Christ has left me (x2)
    But I no longer see Him because of my weak faith (x2)

    Verse 2
    The sounds of the angry waves agonized my years
    Darkness of the creeping night has threatened my peace
    And the tears have not left my eyes (x2)
    And the sleepless nights have overwhelmed me (x2)

    Verse 3
    I took the oar and started rowing but my hopes have failed
    My weakness and my ignorance brought more grieve to me
    And my Lord at the shore sees me (x2)
    When will You come to me and restore my hope? (x2)

    Verse 4
    I was in despair and drowning and my hope is torn
    I came to my beloved Jesus, offering Him my tears
    When He saw me, He had compassion on me (x2)
    He stretched out His sweet hand and dried my tears (x2)

    A Good Friend PM'ed to me.
  • Do you have a recording of this hymn.. I wanna know if it's an eligible hymn to be introduced to our youth meetings lol :)
  • Thanks Buddy!
    lol I should've known.. My friend made that website!

  • I don't really like it :P
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