A scathing attack on Arabic, English, and perhaps other languages (4)

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This time it is psalm 150:
Please note that according to the proper recording of HICS (and not the new teachings that seem to be flawed not least because cantor Wagdi Bishara taught me so), you will find that every second verse the tune goes up relative to the first verse. On top of that, every verse is actually divided up into two segments. This is not the case with Arabic, or English, where the two segments were lost, and obviously the escalation of the tune every second verse too.
I guess, which is something I came to learn only yesterday when I reflected on the psalm, every two verses in the hymn constitute one Biblical verse. So the Copts were able to undulate the tune to make it easy for people to learn it (the common, the ignorant, the illiterate, etc), so that they know what the verses are according to the Holy Bible... very sweet, that is, and to the core of the edificational role of our Church, don't you agree?
[coptic]oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
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