Not so much new, but returning for a season

Christ is in our midst! 

My name is Joseph, and I was on Tasbeha quite a while ago.  I left for personal reasons, but I am back to give Tasbeha a try again.  I am an Antiochian Orthodox Christian, which means though I am not Oriental Orthodox, I am Eastern Orthodox.  Our Patriarch, His Beatitude IGNATIUS of Antioch, is one of the many Bishops among the EO who is working on restored full communion between the EO and OO.  I am an avid advocate for Orthodox unity, despite the complaints of disgruntled monks and "old guard" who call OO Monophysites and call the EO schismatics.  I long to serve the Lord in any way He calls me, though I know I am broken and weak and can do nothing good of my own accord.  I look forward to many conversations with you all on Tasbeha, and may our discussions be as an offering of incense before Jesus Christ our Master and God. 


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