I Need Major help

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Im new sorry if posting right away is not what i should be doing but i have a huge problem and need help
for the past few days ive been tempted alot and keep falling into the same sin (dont want to mention) i talk to my FOC regualrly and try my best not to but it still happens lately i have gotten much closer to church but i continue to fall into this deep sin one night after sunning that day again i had a dream that the theotokos( st.mary) appeared to me in light although she said nothing to me she just stood there and in my dream my car had been stolen and abandonned and someone less fortunate then me had found it and generally i wouldnt mind because i am able to buy a new car im blessed with enough resources . Then in my dream the theotokos took the car away from this man and returned it to me. At first i thought this dream was a blessing the more i thought about it though i couldnt understand it why would the mother of light take a car away from someone less fortunate to give back to me when i could have easily bought another one. I asked a few people and they all said it was a blessing but then when i think about it how can i be sure it was a dream from god as i read about dreams and one preist( i forgot who) said there are three kinds of dreams
1. dreams from god (that give me a goal to acheive)
2.dreams from the devil
3.dreams that are a reflection of how i feel
This dream did not give me a goal i did not even hear the theotokos talk to me and this worrys me and even if it was a dream from god as it says in the agpeya i am chief of sinners why would i deserve it that night i did not sleep at all and i am very troubled by the dream i really need help so if anyone can offer advice or a response i will appreciate it

sorry for making it so long thats the best i could put it

please help,


  • Hey Samaan,

    Welcome to the site!
    Well, we all have sins that take over us and is a big obstacle for our spiritual life. The only thing I can tell you is to pray about it. Pray that God may grant you strength to overcome this sin. Dedicate what's left of the fast to this sin. Whenever the temptation comes to mind, try saying the Jesus Prayer a few times (Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy On Me)...
    When you call on the Lord's name intime of weakness, He will not leave you. As well, your mind will be preoccupied with repeating this Prayer, that the thoughts of that temptation will have no room in your mind, because you will be too busy reciting the Prayer. Pope Kyrillos always believed in the power of prayer, and his solution to everything was prayer, and look how much he's helped people... lets use his example of trust in prayer and pray about this....
    As well, I'm not saying that you do, but be sure not to place yourself in a situation where the temptation is available, aviod it completely if possible. As the saying goes:
    "Don't place your hand in the fire and say you won't get burned"
    May God strengthen you and be with you...

    As for your dream, WOW... that's pretty interesting! I think the only way you can releave your concious about that dream is to tell it to your father of confession, who perhaps can interpret it for you with God's Grace....
    Don't worry too much about it though....

    May you continue to shine for Christ!

    Take Care and God Bless!
  • A picture on my wall of St. Mary would sometimes smile at me when I glanced at it. I was happy, I thought she was proud of me and how I was living my life. I was wrong. Abouna came over and blessed the picture and told me that the devil could be causing the picture to smile. Thinking about it makes me understand how this could have been a tool of the devil. I don't see her smile any longer. Don't ever assume anything, I highly doub't it was a message from above, but what do I know.
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