How to overcome shyness.

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HEELLPP. I have a problem. I don't know what's wrong with me but I get shy and especially at church. Well usually I am a normal happy person that can be crazy at times and really confidant and a person that heaps of people love to be around, this is usually when i am at school and at home. BUT when i am at church or with church people i suddenly go really shy and sometimes i am too shy to say hello to people, Thats a real problem, and its really horrible. How do i get rid of it. I really dont want to be a 2 faced person, and i am really sick of it but i dont know how to get rid of my shyness. Can anyone help me, or does anyone have the same problem. Does anyone have any advice. I really dont like having it and it drives me nuts coz i really wanna b a socail person but suddenly my bodies goes all shy by its self and i cant do anything to stop it. and i think it will b extremely bad if i dont reverse this now and then i cant reverse it when i am older. PLEASE even if its just a small bit of info please suggest it. thanks


  • are you a girl or a boy?

    what makes you feel awkward? anything in particular?

    why do you think you are shy?
  • I am a teenaged girl and what makes me feel awkward is talking or getting talked about the reproductive parts of both genders yuck(i thought of this coz i am studying it at school at the moment and i really dont like talking about or hearing the teacher talk about it. In fact we had a test on the subject today at school). Is there a particular reasons y u asked that question (just curious). I am not sure why i am shy, like i can talk to people from church if they are on the net on messenger or texting or sumthing but not face to face, and its usually when i am in groups of people like i can talk to one person it can sometimes be ok, but when there is a group and they are all pretty close to each other i kinda just go into the background and they talk to themselves while i just sit there listening coz i dont know, i get too shy to start talking with them, and some of the people in particular groups are intimidating and dont give the feeling that they particularly like me, so yeh. i dont know, if u can please help. thanks
  • don't worry, you're not the only teenage girl feeling like this.
    some girls are just naturally more outgoing and confident. as you grow older, you'll feel more confident and these things (like talking about reproductive systems) won't feel embarrassing as you'll get used to it (because you'll come to realise that there is nothing to feel awkward about, cos it's just normal)

    I asked that question to help me find out about your personality a little. nothing wierd, I used to be exactly the same. it's one of those things that you 'grow out of' eventually.

    About talking to people face to face; some ADULTS still find it hard to talk to people like that, which is a bad thing. However, you're young, you're still learning, your mind is still developing and you're not 'set in your ways forever'. at this age, you're still able to think things through and your look on many things in life will change (to the better don't worry).

    So as time goes by you'll find it easier to talk to others because you'll get to practise talking to different kinds of people, some WILL be intimidating (but you'll have a stronger personality and more confidence to face them) some will be shy too and others will be just loud and more sociable than you are. It's ok to be a little shy, but don't ever make it get in the way of you doing something important (like asking questions outloud in class for your own benefit etc etc).

    I take it (just a guess) that you're not the kind of person who has countless groups of friends and prefers to have few but genuinely good friends? that kind of thing?

    let me know what you think about what I said?

  • Well it is interestring about what you said and just FYI, i have a bunch of friends at school (around 6 -8 in particular which are the closest to me) but heaps more which i am just plain friends with. Sometimes my shyness does get in the way like when i am sunday skool i dont always talk (as in add stuff to the conversation of the lesson rather than chit chat) and it gets in the way. I wish i could be less shy and make more friends at church (coz we are a small church and if you are not in the main group of friends of ur age group, u dont have that many groups to go to, especially in ur age. OHHHH i wish i could grow out of it, i would love to but it doesnt seem to be happening. well THANKS SOO MUCH.
  • I think you should pray & i know when you are doing something for the first time your heart probably beats & you get very scared . I know how you feel . But think about it , what is the worst that will happen ? I mean i am sure no one will reject you & no one will laugh at you ( lol we are not in 3rd grade anymore ) Honestly , don't think about it , just do it(: God bless

    +sister in Christ +
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