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Hello all.
A friend of mine likes to read the new american standard bible version what do u think about it.
He likes this translation better than NKJV.
is NASV legitimate.

God bless.


  • Any Ideas????????
  • Hi ebenyasoo3,

    As far as I know, the NASV is not recommended for usage, but I am sure you will find some good answers in this thread :
  • i would like to again advertise the orthodox study Bible, maybe it's not perfect, but i think it's the best so far that's readily available.
    i would also like to quote a great scholar we know on the subject of Bible study:
    (thanks, hezekiel for the link)

    the Bible is always suitable for spiritual reflection, and as we mature in our faith we are more likely to reflect in a manner which is consistent with the teaching of the Church and the wider meaning and substance of Scripture.

    If I am reading a passage from the Gospels there is always meat there for those seeking nourishment. We do not need to dig so deeply that we are likely to go astray. If I read the Parable of the Talents then I am immediately reminded that I must use the time and energy God has given me wisely and to His glory. etc etc. These are not dangerous reflections.

    But as we study with a more theological attitude then it is always necessary to have one hand on the Bible and the other on the teachings of our Fathers. Our own priests and bishops can also be a useful mentor in this regard.

    A quick google would show any of us that there are Protestant groups who will take a verse from Scripture and make it mean whatever they want. We must avoid this temptation, of setting ourselves up as the measure of the meaning of Scripture. The Bible was written by the Holy Spirit in the Church, and the Church in a sense produced the Bible rather than the Bible producing the Church. Therefore when we study more complex matters we must make sure that we are guided in our studies.

    But for our general spiritual reading what matters more is that we have a foundation of understanding the teaching and spiritual tradition of the Church so that our reflections are naturally consistent with the Apostolic teaching. There is a need for more spiritual Bible commentaries in English within the Coptic Church - I mean not those which are very detailed commentaries dealing with every word in Greek and Hebrew - which can accurately describe the meaning of the Scripture in accordance with our Faith but also be easily usuable in a daily, personal prayer type of way.

    Father Peter
  • Hezekiel, Thank you very much for the link that was really helpful.
    Mabsoota, Thank you for recommending the orthodox bible.
  • Christ is in our midst! 

    I would like to agree with Mabsoota and her quote of Fr. Peter: the Orthodox Study Bible (OSB) is the best option for an English-speaking Orthodox Christian.  NIV, NAB, NASB, NLT, CV, and most other translations are dangerous, since they are twisted with Protestant theology.  If you don't care for the OSB, the RSV, KJV, NKJV, or NRSV are your best options. 

    I hope this helps, if not, forgive me for overstepping my bounds. 

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