Fr. Matthew the poor

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Hello everyone.

I keep hearing things about Fr. Matthew the poor and I am not sure if they are the truth or just rumors. I wanted to know if he was excommunicated from the coptic church. If yes why and if no then what is the problem.

Also are we allowed to read his books.

Thank you


  • I will let someone else answer this. You know, this topic has been discussed 100's of times on, but there's one small view I'd like to present concerning this:

    In the Roman Catholic Church, there are many Communities (Jesuit, Saint Jean, Carmelite, Benedictines etc.. etc.. ) - and each of their founders have their own "view" of soteriology. Sure, they all share the basic principles of the Catholic faith (i.e. the sacraments, but for example, one Community may not subscribe to Anselm to explain the Divine Justice, another one might..) - ultimately, all that the RC requires is that they submit to the Bishop of Rome, and accept the Vatican Councils.

    That's it.

    In the Coptic Church, a priest/bishop cannot start his own community based on their view of soteriology, or salvation. Its just not on.

    I think you get what I'm trying to say.

    The CoC allows for freedom of thought, freedom of contemplation, etc.. we aren't innovators of dogmas, which means that we are not inventors of heresies either.

  • Zoxsasi,

    Nice response.  You stated things in very diplomatic terms.
  • That's basically it:

    A Catholic theologian may read the works of Fr. matta, and say to himself "That's nice" or "that's interesting".

    Another Catholic theologian may read the works of Fr. Matta and say to himself "Gosh.. that's odd".

    However, if a Coptic Theologian, such as H.E Bishop Bishoy were to read it, there's only 2 responses he can have:

    a) Is this respecting the teachings of the Church Fathers ?
    b) Is this not respecting the teachings of the Church Fathers ?

    "nice" doesn't come into the vocabulary when it comes to Church doctrines, dogmas and soteriology. The phrase "oh.. that's nice.." just doesn't happen in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    Its a policy the Church has. Take it or leave it.

    I can contemplate about the Love of God until I start flying like an angel and I can contemplate about God's compassion until my own soul starts to breakdance, but if I go and publish a book that contradicts with anything our Church has ever fought against that is heretical, it will quickly, firmly and systematically be squashed.

    That's it.

    Its a dangerous subject....

    One issue that was under discussion was if we eat the Divine Body in the Holy Communion.

    Its NOT an easy subject. The Church felt it had to respond firmly. The Church's response was that we eat the life Giving Body of Christ - not the Divine Body.

    Now, should Fr. Matta have been rebuked for this?

    I'm not a theologian to even give an opinion on this matter. I just don't BLAME him for having that opinion.

    I think the CoC, and even a few admins on, should correct people with love and charity. We're not theologians and you may not agree with how we think, but ultimately, if our opinion is heretical.. you don't have to go off and use words like "heresy" - "schismatic" etc..

    There ya go - its the policy

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