please pray for my relationship with Nag

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Hello, dear God!

It is the first day for me to fast, because I want to hear your voice, you can lead me to walk in the right way, you can have mercy on me and listen to my prayer.

Yes, I am helpless, only you can help me and my boyfriend. Please touch his heart and make him realize that I love him as Jesus love us. I will keep praying for his religion and salvation!God, he has little faith now. He could not belive God's power and try to do eveyrthing in his way. He even wants to give up our relationship...

I know at this moment it is very hard to me. I must strength. many times I am so weak, lose hope. But as long as I think of you and Jesus' love, I am stronger again. whatever my boyfriend did to me,whether he is having fun with other girls now. I will forgive him and wait for him to return...

God,comfort me,strength me please. Thank you,In Jesus's name,amen!


  • The Lord God always answers our prayers according to His Wisdom.
    When we pray the Lord's prayer we say "Thy Will be done".

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