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We are currently talking about religions in History at school, and I find that our teacher often says things about Christianity that are very far from the truth. For example he said that Christ didn't like what he saw with Judaism and then started speaking things he thought about God and his followers than went and created Christianity. He also said Christ probably didn't know his teachings would lead to a new religion. It often irritates me, because he is speaking to students that are easily swayed by what he says. I need advice on what to do about this, and would like to let you know that I'malso very shy so when he says these things, I don't feel like I can respond.


  • Oh, is this WHAP? My teacher was like that too. And same in college. I think as you go up the education ladder, people start relying on their own wisdom and not the wisdom of God. Which is funny, because at the end of times, those who seemed to be the wisest will end up the biggest fools.
    Anyways, about your question, probably a lot of students are also uncomfortable with what he is saying. Just one person needs to stand out and then usually others will join in. A good way to start it, without seeming argumentative, is just asking where he got that information from. Maybe something like "Oh that is a pretty strong claim, what evidence is there for that?" And then after he responds, go on with your point "Oh, because I know Jesus was teaching in the temple even when he was little child, and it would seem to me that a normal child wouldn't be one to speak about knowledge of God and counter authority." Or something like that. I think the reason that atheism is growing, is only because atheists are louder - so people think that it must be right. You should stand up for the faith and show people the truth, without letting it get overshadowed by the world. A good way to get over your shyness is to pray before so that the Holy Spirit will guide your words and to get encouragement from your church community. And you always have the tasbeha community here to back you up =) Good luck and God Bless!
  • This is world history to 1500, because I took WHAP last year (pretty mixed up schedule I guess). Thank you very much for your advice especially because it helps me not look argumentive, and pray that I may be able to speak up.

    We still haven't got to the Christianity unit, so he's only said a sentence or two about it (he was comparing what siddhartha Guatama did to what Christ did). When he actually starts talking about it, I'll say something, God willing.
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