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What is the difference between the Coptic ORTHODOX church, ROMANIAN ORTHODOX and Greek ORTHODOX?

  please pray for me


  • The Coptic Orthodox Church is the National Orthodox Church of Egypt that belongs to the family of Oriental Orthodox Churches.

    It is not in communion with the:

    Greek Orthodox Church or the Romanian Orthodox Church; both are National Churches of Greece and Romania respectively.  They are part of the family of Byzantine Orthodox Churches (aka, Eastern Orthodox Church).
  • please can i make a small correction, we are not YET in communion with these churches.
    since we agreed we are all orthodox in 1990, we have been working on better relations.

    we are part of the oriental orthodox churches, the other churches you mention are eastern orthodox.
  • The Romanian and Oriental Orthodox Churches are very close indeed.

    Both have accepted in Synod that the other is Orthodox.

    This being so, we should consider each other Orthodox. The issue of formal inter-communion is separate and plagued by other issues.

    Father Peter
  • Those other issues:  The Monks of Mount Athos.
  • Yes, but also the monks of Georgia, and also I think a great deal of ignorance, some fear, much indifference.

  • I agree, Father.

    The Mt. Athos cadets are a real spark--though.
  • sorry, what about the monks of mt. athos? what's the problem with them...
  • I know that we are 99 % the same with greek orthodox churches.
    All thats different is a minor difference in what we believe in the nature of christ.
  • there are some people who still insist we are monophysite heretics and not really orthodox.
    we should pray for them and not be drawn into the dispute too much (unless we are asked by the bishops to write theology papers to help in the dialogues, ordinary people like me should just pray and not get caught up with calling each other bad names).
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