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Hello everbody,

In the Sunday Theotokia, we say "Seven times everyday, I will praise your Holy Name ..."
What are those seven prayer and times?

Are they the prayers in the Agbeya Book ?
1[sup]0[/sup] Prime- Commemoration the Resurrection of Jesus Christ => 6 A.M
2[sup]0[/sup] Terce- Pentecost/ Ascension => 9 A.M
3[sup]0[/sup] Sext- Crucifixion => 12 P.M
4[sup]0[/sup] Ninth- Death (Redemption of sins) => 3 P.M
5[sup]0[/sup] Vespers- Descending of the body of Christ from the cross => 5 P.M
6[sup]0[/sup] Compline- Laying down His body in the tomb => 6 P.M
7[sup]0[/sup] Midnight Prayer- Three prayers of Jesus in Gethsemne => 12 A.M

In my Agbeya, there is the "Veil" Prayer and there is no Biblical reason for praying it.
It says that it is a prayer corcerning monks but IS suitable for individual meditation.

Is that supposed to be a part of the original Agbeya Prayer?
Of course, any prayer is extra blessing but is it (sorry for the term) "important"?

Are the Seven Prayers the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th and Midnignt?

I really would really appreciate any clairifications.


  • Yep that phrase actually comes from a Psalm and the Agpeya was put together based on that verse, so that we pray 7 times a day. The prayers you listed are the correct ones and times. The veil is recited in the monasteries by the monks but there is no harm in praying it yourself.
  • Q: What is the difference in praying the Agbeya and Personal Prayers?
    A: Agbeya has a biblical and theological references but personal prayers
    are more in order of a request or thanking Him.

    Why is the veili prayer prayed? What is it for?
    Is it a "pre-written" personal prayer?
  • [quote author=Cyril97 link=topic=9785.msg119988#msg119988 date=1285794685]
    Why is the veili prayer prayed? What is it for?
    Is it a "pre-written" personal prayer? have psalms and a gospel and litanies as the other prayers. actually mooore psalms. it is the extra step for monks.
  • So it shouldn't be in the Agpeya if it is based for monks meditation!!!
  • You can think of it as a bonus.

    Sometimes in certain food stuffs they give you extra.  This is extra.

    Maybe it could be an inspiration to pray like a member of the monastic orders or even to become one.  St. Anthony's life was transformed from having heard one verse from the Gospel.
  • [quote author=Cyril97 link=topic=9785.msg119990#msg119990 date=1285795005]
    So it shouldn't be in the Agpeya if it is based for monks meditation!!!

    it's not a thing that ONLY monks pray.....when we spend time in the monastery we pray the Vail prayer with them all the time.
  • Can I just say what a wonderful treasure you have in the Agpeya. I use it even though I am a member of the Russian Church and the Trisagion differs from ours.

    One thing I find it lacks(?), in EO prayer books there are VERY long prayers before communion composed by Sts Basil and John Chrysostom amongst others. Some are said the night before, some just before on the day and some afterwards. Do the Copts have such a long preparation?

    It certainly doesn't look it the times I have been to a Coptic liturgy. Maybe someone could enlighten me.

  • Depending on which edition, translation, and version you have of the printing of the Agpeya, there are prayers before and after Holy Communion.  Some of the older translations did not include them.
  • There are prayers online such as ...

    Prayer Before Communion

    O Lord, I am not worthy that Thou should come under the roof of my house, for I am sinful, but say Thou first a word and my soul shall be healed. Say unto my soul: "Your sins are forgiven." I am barren and wanting all righteousness, and have but Thy compassion, mercy and Love-of-Man. And Thou hast condescended from the heaven of Thine ineffable glory to our afflictions and accepted to be born in a manger, Reject not, O my blessed Saviour to come into my lowly and afflicted soul that awaits Thy radiant presence. But accept to come into my soul to cleanse it. O Thou who disdained not to enter into the leper's house and to heal him, forbid me not to approach Thy pure Body and Thy Holy Blood, O Thou who prevented not the woman, who was a sinner, from kissing they feet. Let my communion be for partaking with Thee and for effacing all defilement, the mortification of my lusts, the doing of Thy Life-giving commandments, the healing of my soul and body from all sins, the acceptance of Thy gifts, the endwelling of Thy grace, the descent of Thy spirit for union with and abiding in Thee, that I may live for the glory of Thy Holy Name. Amen.

    Prayer After Communion

    My heart has been filled with joy and my tongue with rejoicing. Let my spirit glorify the Lord, and my soul rejoice in God my Saviour. I have drawn nigh to Thee, O Lord, to clothe me with a radiant garment and make me worthy to enter into Thy wedding. Let my union with Thee today be forever, for through it I increase and grow firm in virtue, wax strong in faith, and strengthen my hope. Let it become a sign of salvation, a raiment of grace, a garment of the new birth, a purity and righteousness of body and soul, a cleansing of love, an eternal happiness and joy, a good answer before Thy dreadful tribune. I commit myself to Thy compassion to make me one with Thee and under Thy will. I call forth my mind and my senses to Thee. My will do Thou bless to obey Thy will. Enliven my heart and awaken my conscience. Disperse the fantasies of the adversaries. Still the tempest. Walk with me and calm my terror. Quench my thirst, kindle the flame of Thy love in my heart. Abide with me for the day is far spent, and accompany me until daybreak. For Thou are my goal and my happiness. Thou alone, O Lord, forever. Amen.
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