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Hello Everyone,

I was looking for a book that answers atheism.

Any Ideas are welcomed

In Christ.


  • Hi ebenyasoo,

    I am not sure,I understand the question properly,but if you are looking for a book that demolishes the idea of evolution,non-belief in God and by extension atheism ,etc., 'The case for a creator' by Lee stroble comes to mind right now. There is also another book by the same author which I have not read,but which I am looking forward to;'The case for faith'.In case you are not familar with his books, you might want to check at your school library first.  However, if you looking for a book that defends atheism, Dawkins or possibly Christopher Hitchens (he is suffering from advanced form of cancer, but he is still rejecting God and friends prayers in his behalf) are  good addresses . I have not read any of their works,but I have seen Hitchens on many occasions on ABCs 'Good morning america'  and read lots of his diatribe regarding God and faith. The ongoing scandals in the Catholic church and the violence in Islam serves as " ein gefundeness Fressen" for his case and his column in 'The slate'.

    Hope this helps for now.

    PS: A while ago, I wanted to start a thread as to why God rewards those who depend on their own understanding and reject His existance . I had these two gentlemen and another guy in mind who have made a career by promoting atheism. I am happy,that I did not do it. I felt sorry, when I discovered that Chris Hitchens , an otherwise brilliant man,was suffering from cancer that might eventually kill him both physicllay and spritually unto all eternity. May God have mercy on him.
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