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Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone had the text for Eparthenos, I was looking for it everywhere but no help so if anyone can post it, that would be really great. Thanks

God Bless,


  • i dont have coptic so ill just post some coptish i dont have all of it right now either:

    eparthenos ceemeron eperocion tikti

    this is all i can remember off the top of my head. if i can get a hold of a book later, ill post some more

  • Ok well I don't know how to type up stuff in coptic, so here it is in plain english, but it's the coptic words...sorry for the inconvenience :(

    Eparthenos cimeron ton eeperrocion tikti ke eegeeto espeleon to aprocito eprosagi angeli meta pimenon zoxologhoci magi ze meta asteros oziporoci zee imas ghar egennici pe-zeyon neon oepro eonon theos.

    I hope that helped a lil :-\ it might make more sense if you or a. already know the hymn, or b. listen to it while reading what I just wrote, because if not, this would make absolutely no sense...lol
  • here u go with the coptic txt:

    [coptic]`Ypar;enoc cymeron ton `uperoucion tikti ke `ygy to `cpyleon tw aprocitw `procagi aggel`i meta pimenwn doxo-logouci magi de meta acteroc `od`iporouci di `ymac gar `egenny;y pea`ion neon `o`pro `e`wnwn ;eoc.[/coptic]

    btw, i just checked the hymns library, and it's right there, there's a lot of hymns txt already on the site, so next time maybe u could look there first ;)
  • thank you guys soooo much ;D
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