Evolution, Cave Men, Dinasaurs, & Science & Big Bang


As Orthodox Christians, we believe in the Creation. God created everything. He created man, the earth, the waters, etc.

How do you reconcile all this with Cave men or Evolutionary Theories that suggest that man evolved from primitive species?

So, cave men existed? How do you explain that?

When exactly did God create man?

Did God create dinasaurs , or did they evolve?

Scientists insist that the world startedf from a BIG BANG - How do you, as a Christian, relate to such theories? How does this impact your faith?

Recently, acclaimed scientist Stephen Hawkings, said that God was not necessary for the creation. What do you all think about that?


  • aka the primordial soup
  • I believe that the six days of creation weren't necessarily six days. You see, God tries to make understand things better but six days could have referred to millions or even billions of years. This is the period which I believe dinosaurs dominated the earth. They haven't found any evidence of cavemen yet though, and I don't really believe they existed. The Big Bang theory isn't true. I don't know why they naked it a theory because theories are proven facts and this isn't proven.  (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong BTW!) thank you, happy New Year (nayrouz), and God Bless You! Pray for me and my weaknesses! 
  • Please search for numerous scattered threads on this subject in the forum.
    One of the lately related threads (tho earlier threads have more details, a search will find them):

    GODlovesme, the idea of infinite other parallel universes and that luckily ours has 'by coincidence' the right combination of laws is practically an impossible fantasy. It is just a convenient pseudo scientific philosophical escape from the unavoidable conclusion of an Omniscient Omnipotent Designer Creator, who has created the universe for purpose and designed it to be sustained in its fine tuned state by governing laws.

    The reason is the recent discoveries of many fine tuning constant numbers that govern the laws of the universe. Even a negligible slight change in any of these constants would result in annihilation, a total chaos or the impossibility of any equilibrium of energy and/or matter. I believe that God controls the fine tuning of the universe by the power of His Word and that He is the only One who can command this, He built and applied them in the laws of nature He designed. God has created these numbers with the unique property to exist and act in an extremely narrow margin within the laws of the universe He thus commands. These constants also imply the notion of the Omnipresent God, the constantly present and effective Creator God.

    Also it comes as an inevitable conclusion that God Almighty is able to dissolve then rebuild everything in the universe by simply altering few factors or a few constant numbers.

    Therefore a parallel universe, if it may exist, must also have its own yet different constants (a scientific impossibility) or more likely to follow these same laws (back to our universe as we know it), otherwise it cannot scientifically occur and cannot result in anything but total chaos - except in movies or in a mind with an elaborate science fiction imagination.

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