Black Magic?

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Does anyone have the opinion of the Church on it?

I personally don't believe in it, but I've recently heard of stories that happened to people I know by association.  Opinions?


  • the church is against it... this is work of the devil... any communication and going along with the devil is not accepted by the church.

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka!
  • You cannot say the word black.  It is not politically correct [sarcasm].  Even when used out of any context relating to race [even higher sarcasm].
  • black magic, white magic, any sort of fortune telling (tea leaves etc) and using the 'evil eye' are all haram, forbidden. this is because they are very harmful.

    when God does something supernatural like a miracle, it is to the glory of His name. He never tells us the future so we can show off with it, nor does He allow us to have 'power' over people to make them fall in love, make them come to our shop etc. if you look for supernatural experiences anywhere else then from God, then, by definition, you are looking for the devil's power.

    in acts 19:13-20, we see that those who had practiced sorcery (witchcraft), once they believe in Jesus, burnt their scrolls because they had turned away completely from this life. no spells, fortune-telling or asking for the protection of 'spirit guides' (they are demons) is ever compatible with a Christian life.

    if anyone has been trying to do both, go to church and go to the fortune teller as well, they must repent and leave this double life. God is not fooled, you can't hide from him. psalm 138 (139):11-12 says that if we try to hide in the darkness, we can't because darkness is the same as light to God. when His light shines, the darkness fless.

    so turn to God and He will protect you when the darkness tries to attract you
    james 4:7 says 'submit to God, RESIST the devil and he will flee from you.'
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