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What is z coptic church's stand on exorcism i hav personally witnessed many why wud god giv demons power over us?


  •   God gave us power over the devil. Usually it is we who lose our power b/c of our sins. All the bible is about empowering us.
      Most of the possessed are in one way or the other had contact with the devil through sin. Only a few are innocent but still God has plans in their lives.
      Always believe that God is Love.
  • We gave Satan power over us, and Our Lord's Crucifixion gave us the reversal.

    I attended a true exorcism.  It is beyond my description for all that occurred.  There are truly demons among us.  The Prayer of Thanksgiving, that is said in all Coptic Orthodox Rites, reminds us that we have power over all aspects of the "Enemy"--Satan.
  • May the almighty and the virgin mother be with us always!
  • just like the blind man, God would give a demon the power to live in us so that His works may be revealed in us. Just as Jesus worked in opening the blind man's eyes and turning him and those who witnessed him to God, exorcists (such as Abouna Makary Younan) cast out demons to turn the formerly possessed and the witnesses to God.

    Pray for me,
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