• Did you right click (or mac equivalent) and save as? Make sure it is not being saved as a .txt / text document (although I don't think that is even a mac thing - I dunno how it works) and then follow those instructions:
  • Go to the website:

    Download the folder at the bottom called "All Coptic Fonts"

    Once it is downloaded, unzip the folder, and Select All (Command + A) 

    Open "Font Book" --> you can find it in Spot Light in the Top Right Corner.

    Then just drag all the fonts from the Coptic Folder into Font book, that should work :)

    Hope I helped, Pray for me.

  • If you are using Google Chrome, I have no clue why it does it like that. I have the same problem, and still trying to figure it out.

    I noticed that even when we type in Word, it does the same thing. If someone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm glad I helped a bit.

    Pray for me.
  • i followed yr advice, and can now write in coptic!  :)
    i am seeing if it works to write it and paste it from word for mac here:
    [coptic]Doxa Patri ke Uiw ke agiw Pneumati[/coptic]
    also how do u write kiahk in coptic?
    so far i am only copying stuff, i don't actually know many words!

    also how do i get a program to write in arabic on the mac? the old pc i had had arabic symbols included, it was tedious writing it letter by letter, but i don't use it much so it worked for me.
  • [coptic]<oiak[/coptic]
  • [quote author=jydeacon link=topic=9691.msg124336#msg124336 date=1292100761]

    If that is the correct spelling of kiahk, can somebody explain where the 'h' sound came in the pronunciation? is it a mispronunciation?
    I understand that OI make the E sound like in the word metanoia= metania but i don't see how the 'h' sound came in the picture. Thanks in advance.

    Please pray for me to overcome my weakness.
  • thanks jydeacon
    joyfulinHim, i don't know, it's all greek to me!
  • DEar joyfulinHim,
    The "h" sound found in many Coptic words especially at the beginning pronounced and not written is very common as /hereeni/, /hera'y/ a saint's name, and /dek.ha/, pretty much like the slight 'r' sound that connects two vowels in two successive words in British English... can't think of an American English example now...
    Sorry I'll edit this post later from the computer to provide Coptic spelling for the above words...
  • DEar GODlovesme,
    I haven't studied GReek but from what you're saying I can insinuate that this is a common characteristic in the two languages... yes Coptic has an "h" sound but sometimes it's pronounced not written as in examples I gave above, and another one I also forgot to mention is /batlaham/ and absolutely not /veethle'eem/!!!
  • My source is simply the hymn '[coptic][/coptic]pouro... second please explain to me again how you pronounce the word iryny again as i[coptic][/coptic]t seems you pronounce it different to me because of your knowledge of Greek. Explain how you'd pronounce each syllable giving me examples even from English please. Thanks a lot
  • Thanks GODlovesme,
    By your knowledge of Greek you keep proving things to me that I'm looking for proofs for. In fact pronouncing the word as you referred /eereenee/ is a Greco-Bohairic fallacy while the letter hada, eita in Greek in Coptic is pronounced as /ai/ slightly lighter than /ei/ in Greek. How many people know that? not many I can assure you and again because Copts take things for granted without proper and ample research. Thanks again GODlovesme, I'm just sorry for you now for digging this hole for yourself and giving me the chance to keep giving you headaches by bombarding you with questions from now on... hehe
  • Thanks GODlovesme... just a word of warning which I hope won't put you off as it may do other easy-learners try to learn proper Coptic rather than the flawed Greco-Bohairic... that's to say learn from Fr. Shenouda's books...
  • I'll have to get back to you hopefully tomorrow on these two last questions as I'm not sure of the answer and I need to log in through the computer. As for the language/dialect we use in the church, we use Bohairic not Greco-Bohairic. The former was used by one of the popes opted to use it to unite all the churches (even though many manuscripts are found in Sa'idic and hymns including yestermagi, dowda bandais, etc), but through a flawed teaching Greco-bohairic found its way in the 19th century which is a wrong dialect which messed up both Coptic and Greek pronunciations. So proper Coptic is Bohairic as opposed to Greco-Bohairic according to the teachings of Fr. Shenouda and other Coptologists from all over the world...
  • Sorry editing from the mobile can sometimes be a pain, and gets me so mixed up.
    This I should have said before: one of the Coptic popes introduced Bohairic as the dialect for church services in the 10th century. Even though there was an abundance of Sa'idic manuscripts, and hymns, ... etc.
    The flawed Greco-Bohairic dialect (the ever-changing since its invention) was introduced in the 19th century by Mr. Erian Moftah at the time of Pope Cyril (the IV I think).
    I will look up for the two questions later (hopefully today)...
    oujai qen `P[C (no Coptic button yet)
  • Dear GODlovesme,
    This is the answer for your first question:
    As for the second question:
    Skimming through the book on google books, it appears to me that Mr. Younan is a proponent of the flawed Greco-Bohairic, but the book nonetheless is a very good read (but I can't judge personally, as I only skimmed through). I for one would not read it, or recommend it because of the fact Greco-Bohairic is a flawed dialect, but that mainly concerns pronunciation, and not grammatical syntax for example, which APPEARS to be well explained. My motto "appraising the quality is important", and for me the book lost credibility even if only superficially by being as such.
    God bless you and please don't forget to mention us in your prayers.
  • I am also having a problem...If I copy and paste any of the text the hymns lyrics library. The copy is always missing the top of the tall letter (capitals and such) and all the jinkims. Help please.
  • Hey Everyone, Peace and grace :)

    I would want to download Arabic fonts for my windows XP, I have tried to download some but they couldn't work, and i still see all Arabic written  words The other way around.

    If you have any suggestions, kindly reply.

    God bless you all.
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