Trespasses, Iniquities

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Hello Eveyone
Peace of Jesus Christ

In, holy God Holy Mighty .........., we say " O lord forgive us our sins, O lord forgive us our trespasses, O Lord forgive us our iniquities "

What is the difference between sins, trespasses and iniquities. I am sure they are not just repetitions of the word sins.

Thank you


  • This is what His Grace Bishop Youssef says about the difference between the words sin and iniquity:

    Other than that...i really dont veryy good question...ive never thought of that before :)
  • My guess would be:

    Sins: A crime directly against God!  Example: disobeying God, blasphemy etc.

    Trespasses: An unlawful act causing injury to the person, property, or rights of another, committed with force or violence.  Ex: violence, or talking in a rude manner while teaching others about God which causes others to lose interest in Christ and the Church.

    Iniquities: (In arabic Zalam or zalem)  Is a wicked act that is done to another person sometimes unknowingly..  Example if the Church puts aside money for the homeless or the widows and another servant takes that money and spends it for Sunday school field trip.. He unknownly oppressed someone and harmed them.

    All three are sins the latter two are against man but are also sins because they go against the teaching of God to love everyone , give to the needly and treat all humans in a fair manner.
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