Person in my year at skool that is not very liked by us.

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I need help, there is this girl in my year at skool (btw i am not in America) yeh and she doesnt really have that many friends or that many people that like her. I dont really like her but i know Jesus said to love all and so what to do if i dont really like her but i dont want to be mean and not let her have any friends but i also dont want her to be a close friend too. What do I do in my situation??? Please help. ???


  • i had the same problem at school, i hung out with unpopular people, most of my friends were smelly!
    but imagine what would Jesus do if He came to school? He would certainly take care of those who were lonely even if the other children laughed at Him for it.
    our job is to be as much like Jesus as possible.
  • you don't have to be her best friend or her keeper, but unless she's gonna jeopardize your morals or relationship with God or something, you're pretty much obligated to AT LEAST be nice and friendly to her... and who knows, maybe you'll. end up liking her.
  • Heyy,i agree if it will ruin ur relationship with God then dont, but if it coz she is unpopular, smile be nice
  • Hey thanks every one all that stuff u said worked and it was the best week of sport(becasue thats the only lesson i have with her) but it was the funnest sports day i have had all day, despite it was a pretty boring lesson but yet it was great still and i felt awesome
    [move]THANKS SOO MUCH ALL OF U  :D ;D hahahah[/move]
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