Guilt when Eating

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Hey guys,
I dunno if this a weird problem, but I always feel very guilty whenever I eat good food (even when not in a fasting day). It's not that I care about my weight (I'm skinny) or am not eating, but if I'm at the cafeteria I feel guilty if I take foods that taste good, like a slice of cake or a sandwich that looks good. Something tells me not to indulge even if I want to take a little bit. So I was wondering if this is something I should listen to, as in from the Holy Spirit, or is it something from the devil because this has been bothering me a whole lot.


  • As long as eating doesn't become a sin (lust, gluttony), then it's not wrong to enjoy the tasty food God has provided for us with satisfaction and pleasure.

    However, if you feel more comfortable eating vegetables and fruits, then go ahead. It's better for you anyway :P
  • i don't think you should listen to that because what good would it do?

    some eating disorders start off like that even if the person is not particularly worried about their weight.
  • As long as it does not reach gluttony, no problem sir.  I try to offer to people around me.  I like to grab something for others as I do for myself.  The aspect of sharing helps to stay away from the gluttony factor.
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