what is faith?

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Im not sure exactly how to have faith. What is faith? How can you have faith? When do you know you have faith?


  • it highly varies depending on the defination you're looking for.

    i think faith is the total belief in the unknown mysteries related to God.  Sorta like believing in things that sometimes can't be proven by science and are at some point or unknown.  I believe this is why God blessed those "believe without seeing."  It was much easier for the apostles to believe in Christ, or for anyone who witnesses a miracle, then it is for someone who lets himself believe in what the mind doubts.
  • "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." -hebrews 11:1

    There is also a book called "The case for faith".

    I think we know we have faith in God when we put all our trust and hope in Him and are thus not worried or anxious over anything, and have no doubt-- but that's perfect and complete faith, which we are constantly struggling to achieve.

    You could always pray as the one man in the gospel said "Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief."

    God bless you.
  • "The case for Faith" by Lee Strobel as well as "The case for Christ" are both good reads.

    In general, your faith is basically the "sureness" you have that your belief is the right one; it is the strength of your conviction. It is not, however, supposed to be self-sufficient. By that I mean that fundamental Christianity has a certain logic to it, from which faith stems. Use knowledge as well as the Holy Spirit to comprehend concepts such as that of the Trinity, and use your faith to fend off heretical or anit-Christian beliefs.
  • Faith is believing in something or someone that can't be seen.
  • ...with a purpose.

  •     Trust combined with expectation.

  •   God gives faith. That is why the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith. Faith is just to trust God in everything. You believe all His promises and His words.
      Live according to God's words and faith comes naturally. God will always build ur faith even by not answering ur prayers. Just know that God loves u and He is perfect. Then no doubt can trouble u.
  • true faith in a higher power is without expectation.
  • We know that faith can grow. It can be as small as a mustard seed, a tiny, tiny seed that a breath of wind would blow away, but it can grow into a great tree that the birds of the air can nest in.

    We are all of us, who love the Lord Jesus Christ, our true God, and the Almighty Father, and the life-giving Holy Spirit, we are all of us somewhere on this continuity of growing faith between the seed and the tree.

    As has been said, to have faith is to trust God, even a little. It does not mean that we have become a saint. It does not mean that we do not become confused, and even angry with God. It does not mean that we always have the answers. Often faith leads us to say, even with tears, 'Lord, I do not know what is happening in my life, or in which direction you are taking me, but I still trust you, even though I am afraid and full of fears'.

    Do you trust God, even a little? Then you have enough faith to begin with. Are you able to pray, 'Lord, I am full of doubts and fears, but as far as I am able I trust you, increase my faith!' He will hear you and answer your prayers. But this will often require the testing of your faith. To trust God only when things are going well is not to trust him very much at all, But to trust him even when things are difficult, is like the testing of plants and crops by frost in the Spring, it is necessary to produce the best harvest.

    Let your constant prayer be, 'Lord, I believe, increase my faith'. Build a solid foundation for growing faith in the regular and habitual prayers of the Agpeya and in attendance and participation in the worship of the Church. Never confuse feelings for faith. When you do not feel that God is present He is not absent, rather the eyes of our spirit are clouded and we cannot see Him because of the overwhelming glory of His presence. The best antidote to doubt is the experience of God. This requires prayer and the exercise of trust - just like a muscle must be exercised if it is to develop.

    May the Lord watch over you and increase your faith by your experience of the Holy Spirit within you.

    Father Peter
  • Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true and must be centered in Jesus Christ in order to produce salvation. When you believe in God and you do His will then you already have FAITH within you. God Bless!!

  •   I think father Peter has put it in a good way.
  • thank you father!
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