If you have a facebook account, please help support Coptic schools in America!!

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Kohls is giving out $500,000 to the top 20 schools who raise the most votes please vote for two schools. Each person gets 20 Votes and you can place 5 for each. The 2 schools are Good Shepherd Christian Academy in Fairfax, VA and St Clement Coptic Elementary School In Nashville,TN.



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  • [quote author=DimyanCoptic link=topic=9512.msg117149#msg117149 date=1280283922]
    if only i had facebook...

    Make one and vote! Then deactivate it. Gogogogo.
  • Is there any way to check which school is winning? I put my votes in but I'd like to know the Coptic schools are going :)
  • ^
    yeah, i would like to know too! the Good Shepherd seems to be doing well, but i also don't know what to compare it to.
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  • lol that's fine Dimyan. And after I voted, it said soon they'd post the schools who are in the lead.

    Here is a video of Fr. Anthony Messeh of DC asking for our support in this contest:

    and here is the link for the school in TN (the other link was for the DC one):

    Thanks guys!!
  • that's soo cool that they're doing this. i have the feeling that alot of people who aren't familiar with the coptic faith may think its extinct. this is a great start. god willing there will be more coptic schools all over the world!
  • Good news! Good Shepherd is in 3rd place and St Clement is in 15th so far. The top 20 schools will get the prize and there is still a month left, be sure to spread the word and vote if you haven't already! Plus, dont neglect St Clement Academy please! Thanks everyone God bless :)
  • How do you know who's winning?
    Is there a way to see the top 20 schools?
  • [quote author=billious link=topic=9512.msg117415#msg117415 date=1280881414]
    How do you know who's winning?
    Is there a way to see the top 20 schools?

    yes, this link: http://apps.facebook.com/KohlsCares/home/leaderboard

    Just a comment, Good Shepherd is in 3rd place, almost dropped to 4th, but St Clement dropped down to a dangerous 18th place!! Why such a discrepancy? Everyone voting for the one school should vote for the other as well. Keep it up everyone =)
  • Ahem: The Jewish schools are advancing exponentially and we are barely moving. Come on everyone!!!
  • How do you see the Winners?
  • alright, done.
  • oops didnt realize there was a thread for this already. voted!
  • Everyone, all the Jewish schools are knocking us out of the race! All the people on my facebook are from a small area in America so I want to spread the word to other regions of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Egypt, and everywhere else. No matter which country you're in -- spread the word. Post a link on your facebook profile, invite your friends to vote, tell everyone at your coptic church or meetings, your priests, etc. We can do this!!
  • my priest made 2 announcements about it... the Egyptian people were like 'facebook? eh el facebook deh'
  • Peace & Love,
    Please vote for this school too "St. Mary Child Development Center/St. Mark Christian Acadamy"
    Troy, Michigan. God bless
  • Keep going everyone! And mekheel, I wish you would have said something sooner. I don't have any more votes left, and we kept spread the word about 2 coptic schools, I had no idea there was another one. I fear it is too late, the top schools have over 20,000 votes this late in the game.
  • Please spread the word, to Europe, Egypt, Australia.... I don't want it to be limited to the East Coast of the US... We're coming up short in votes =(
  • Everyone please make sure to vote for St. Clement Coptic Orthodox Academy in Nashville, TN. They are in 20th place, just one spot away from losing. It's a great school that could really use the money. If you've already voted, please pray for all the schools' success.
  • Only one week left and the votes are dangerously close! If you haven't voted yet, please do so, invite all friends, and tell all the people you know!
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