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I've posted here a couple times already, but I haven't introduced myself. My name is George (most call me Jimmy). I'm 17 and I go to St. Paul's church in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


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  • No  :( I couldn't get anyone else from my church to go. (It's a small church).
    So you're at Abouna Michael's church?? I had a nice talk with him at last year's ECCYC....he's the best!!
  • Hello! I'm Lorraine, also a new member here.
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  • Hello :) i'm Irene from St. Mary St. George Staten Island NY and i'm from a small church myself
  • Hey George, I was just in St. Paul's on Sunday!  It's officially in Egg Harbor Township, right? ;) If you were there, I'm sure that you saw me!
  • By the way, that's my first post on Tasbeha also!  Howdy everyone!  ;D
  • Yeah, it is...who are you??
  • Haha, My name is Joe- I go to Stockton College, just down the pike from Church and I was the "white guy" there on Sunday... lol.  :D  did you see me?
  • Oh lol, I did. And I live about 2 miles away from Stockton.
  • hi, all ethnic minorities welcome here  :)
    welcome, from another 'minority' copt!
  • haha, let's pray that we get more 'minority' copts in the future! I predict that there will be more and more.  As we make the Church more and more Anglophone-accessible, they're going to come in droves- that's my hope and prayer, anyway  :)

    But anyway, George- does St. Paul's have a website anymore?  I thought that I had seen one in the past, but I can't seem to locate it now.  Also, do you guys have meetings/events/other stuff during the week?  Being at Stockton, I'd like to get more involved with y'all if possible  :)
  • I can't find it either, but I don't think it's been updated for a very long time.
    Here's the Facebook page, which also isn't updated all that much, but I can push to get that changed.


    There's a Bible study meeting on Tuesday evenings, but it's in Arabic mostly. I recommend you go to the college youth meetings on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 in the house next to the church.

    On a side note, what's Stockton like? I'm a senior in high school (at Absegami) and my parents are really pushing for me to go there; it's certainly my best bet financially.
  • Ah the meeting sounds cool- I'll definitely try to make it there sometime!  As for Stockton, I really like it.  Campus is beautiful, classes are small, faculty is mostly pretty nice.  I live and work on campus too (although I assume you'd commute), and I have found dorm/apartment life tolerable, especially since I've surrounded myself with good people that share my values (if ya know what I mean). 

    And I don't know if this appeals to you, but as you try to make your decision, you're welcome to come visit campus anytime.  I can show you anything you haven't already seen and you could even sit in on some classes if you'd like- my profs would all be cool with that. 
  • hello irene as well!
  • That sounds nice. I've lived here my whole life, yet I've only seen a little bit of the campus and I've barely seen what the classes look like.
  • Hello, I am Alex from St Paul's Church in Philadelphia.
    I introduced myself in this topic because I don't if I should make a new topic about this.
  • There's a St. Paul's in Philly?
  • By the way guys, when I was really little my mother mixed the names George and Mina (it was originally intended to be a hyphenated first name, but ended up being to separate names, and so Mina counts as a middle name) and got "Jimmy" out of it. That's what most people call me, so you guys should refer to me as that.
  • Welcome to everyone who is new, to an awesome website and community (as you all know)  :D
  • Its my great pleasure to be part pf this forum. May the glory fall and be the surfer be also blessed with his enormous glorious.

    This is my first visit....i will keep visiting this site every week.
  • Welcome to Tasbeha.org, Skart28.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here on this great forum and, just as I did, you will benefit a lot from the knowledgeable members here, especially Fr. Peter.

    And just a little side note, Skart, I recommend you visit it every day (if not a couple of times a day, as you shall see why in your future visits)

    It's funny I also just joined recently but never really posted anything anything to introduce myself or say hello to everyone here :)
    My real name is actually Mina, but the name "Pistavros" is very dear to me that's why I chose it as my ID name.

    So, this is a little late, but hello everyone!  :)  I've been browsing the forum for quite some time before I joined and have seen the very interesting topics and responses raised by the members, most of which are brilliant.
  • hello jimmy ( : nice to meet you !

    + sister in Christ +
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