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Hi everybody,
There is a sweepstakes going on from Kohl's for 20 schools. Each school that gets enough votes will get $500,000 St. Clement Coptic Orthodox Academy in Nashville, TN is one of the schools. So please whoever of you has a Facebook account, please follow the link below and vote for St. Clement. Here is the link for the school webpage.
And here is the link for the voting if you have a Facebook account.
And each person can vote five times for one school.
St. Clement was started in 2001 by Fr. Boutros Boutros of St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church in Nashville.
Please pray for this contest and for the school, and please pass this link along.

Pray for me,


  • Please also vote for Good Shepherd Christian Academy in Fairfax, VA. It is founded by St. Mark's coptic orthodox church in Fairfax, VA. We really need your votes and you can vote for Good Shepherd Christian Academy and St. Clement's as you have 20 votes and can only use 5 on a single school. Also both schools can win.

    This is how to vote:

    1.  If prompted to "LIKE" the organization click on the option to "LIKE"

    b.  If prompted to "ALLOW" access to your information click the option to "ALLOW"

    2.  Once chosen, then click on "Cast A Vote"

    3.  When done, remember to go back and cast your 4 remaining votes as well

    5.  Pass this message along to everyone you know 

  • Hi anba bola,
    Thanks for your response. I voted for both, thanks.

    Pray for me,
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