Holy Holy Holy In Coptic?

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does anyone have the prayer holy holy holy lord of hosts in coptic?


  • thanks for the links, but i was hoping for the coptic text

    not the trisagion but holy holy holy lord of hosts heaven and earth are full of your glory and honor.....
  • Sorry I misunderstood!
    There are three Agioc I read in Arabic so I can only write it for you here in simple English, the one you asked (with Lord of Hosts):

    ne Sheruvim cee o osht em-mok nim ne Serafim cee teo-owaw nak ev osh evol evgo-em-mos gee:
    agios agios agios kyrios savao-ot ely rees o oranos kee egy teess agias sozoksis

    Not much of help! I am sure you can re-write it better.

  • [coptic]an `,ouws vyetqen ]Ajpia qen `pqa`e `nte niajp tyrou? ie masenak `epaima`nnat[/coptic]
    Do you mean the one in the Agpia at the end of every hour? If so, just go to this site:


    [coptic]ouoh ariwvi ejen (nijwm `nte ]ekklycia) ie ejen pi Horologion (pijwm `nte nitwbh `najp) - ]me`ui je `n;of pimah`cnau `ebolqen `epswi - ie ariwvi ejen nitwbh `nkoinoc - pitwbh etekouws `erof `f,y somt `nre`ftou `epecyt piho`nnat - `,najemf qa piqemc (`,ouab `,ouab `,ouab)[/coptic]

    And then click 'Church Books' up the top. Go to the Horologion (hourly prayer book) - second from the top I think. Then click 'Common Prayers' - it's about 3/4 down the page under the title [coptic]`,ouab `,ouab `,ouab[/coptic]

    Hope that helps

    [coptic]`V] `ef`e`cmou `erok[/coptic]
    God bless
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    I have the Audio of the Prayer itself as in "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth..." in Coptic, if you would like it, please message me !
    Here is the Text itself...
    `,ouab `,ouab `,ouab 

    `<ouab `,ouab `,ouab P=o=c `mpicabaw; `tve nem `pkahi meh ebolqen pekwou nem pektaio. Elehson hmaV oQeoV w pathr wpantokratwr panagia triaV elehson hmaV. P=o=c V] `nte nijom swpi neman je `mmon `ntan `nouboy;oc qen nen `;li'ic nem `nhojhej ebyl erok. Bwl ebol ,w ebol aricun,wrin nan V] `nnenparaptwma nyetanaitou qen penouws nem nyetanaitou qen penouws an nyetanaitou qen ouemi nem nyetanaitou qen oumetatemi nyethyp nem nye;ouwnh ebol P=o=c ,au nan ebol e;be pekran =e=;u etaumou] `mmof `e`hryi kata to eleoV sou Kurie kai mh kata tac amartiaV hmwn.

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