wasting my summer!

i feel as if i am wasting my summer. i am close to God, but that is not the thing.

all i do when i am not getting closer to God is either play basketball, or go on the computer. i have no job, and i am not in a gym. i don't know what to do!


  • Why not find a local charity and offer to help. If you can do web design you could create a website for a charity, visit and find out what it is about, take photos, spend some time in serving others.

    Father Peter
  • i serve in my church's summer camp sometimes. but one thing to add is that i'm only 15.
  • Can you do web development? Is there a local charity that helps the elderly or something that you could be supervised while doing work with? Could you deliver leaflets or something? Not all the time, but so that you are doing something helpful.

    Is there a club you could join for the Summer? Are the local schools running any activities? Could you help run an activity for little kids?

    Father Peter
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