IN CRITICAL NEED of your prayer

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Dear Family members in Christ,


  • what I couldn't understand is...

    Finally I got 100% confidence in the Creation, The Holy Trinity, The reason for the Coming of Christ

    if you say this and mean it, then believe me the One Almighty Creator will help you, if He sees you trying!

    God never leaves us, but we leave Him, God never wants you to look elsewhere, but you look elsewhere... all I have to tell you is, go to confession, and throw everything on Him, and then confess!

    if masturbation is an addiction to that extent for you, then seek a psychologist, I can already see some parenting guilt you feel, and you want to take off your shoulders, and could be the cause of excessive need for the sin, whether it be consciously or unconsciously!

    but if you live in solitary life, what makes you so sure you will not be doing that?! if you were to ask me, I would tell you marriage is better for you than solitary life, but first seek a psychologist and a father of confession!

    Neshkor Allah Akhadna el baraka!
  • i agree 100%
    may God bring you light and hope
  • Me too! I have this same problem! And it's sooo hard to stop =(

    Here are some tips that might help:
    1) Write a letter to yourself in the future. Write the letter when you come home from church or when you have your normal senses. Whenever you feel like committing the sin open the letter and read it to hopefully stop you from doing it.
    2) Change your environment. If you stay at home a lot, change and go to the library. Go out with friends. Shut off the TV (cause it usually incites the problem for me).
    3) Pray the agpeya. If you can, do it right before you want to sin - hopefully it will change your mind. And even if you sin, pray it afterwards. A prayer I like to read in the Bible is the prayer of Manessah (you can google it).
    4) Keep asking for God's help and mercy, and even if you fall, get back up.

    And please pray for me too! Because I'm struggling with this a lot =(
  • Ok i just have one question what is the side affect of masturbation because i have the same problem exept i stoped it completley Thank you GBU!!!
  • Dear Family members in Christ,
  • there are no PERMANENT physical side effects of masturbation. in the uk we grew up thinking it could make you go blind! it can't, nor does it do physical damage. it can do emotional damage, and this can lead to all sorts of symptoms, which can be treated by your confession father. often a psychologist helps as well.
  • xewad... there you go again...

    And of course KNOWING God even made me more hopeless, because I am already not able to live the LIFE for that !!

    if one is hopeless... then one know NOT my God!

    if  we believe in the same God, then we should both know that God rejoices for one to repent more than ninety-nine who are already saved... and when that one repentant joins the ninety-nine, and ends up falling in whatever sin or temptation... God helps him in his STRUGGLE, and becomes his aid in all that he does... until he comes back!

    now... do you STRUGGLE to live with God?!

    masturbation causes  erectile dysfunction, as much as masturbation gives you hairy palms...

    now for your childhood, I'm more of a Freudian, so I understand fully what happened... but I again suggest you go to a psychologist and talk to him/her about your childhood!

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka!
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