Eucharistic Prayers

I was wondering :

How do we know that the prayers offered up on the altar [to transform the bread and wine into the Holy Body and Blood] are in fact accepted prayers, 100% of the time?  Do we simply rely on faith?

Sorry if it seems a bit controversial, I'm just honestly stumped.


  • It is actually 101% sure.  Our Master, provides that proof in four Gospels, written by four different people, at four different points in time, with four different perspectives, with four different backgrounds, addressed to four different sectors of society.  It is a command to do this in "memory of Me".

    The priest calls upon the Holy Spirit to carry out the act of Making the bread and wine into the Holy Body and Holy Blood.  He [the priest] does not change anything. 

    Faith is the key word that you stated.  Faith is the only proof.  And ultimately Our Father in Heaven is that Loving and that Merciful that He provides this Bloodless Sacrifice for our salvation.

    Blessed is our God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and more importantly:  the Father of Our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is Willing to offer His Son in Sacrifice on a repetitive basis for our salvation.

    It is that Sacrifice that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, had hope in and awaited, and yet never partook or saw in their lives.
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