Urgent prayer request

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Please pray for Jeremy and his family.

He has been taken into hospital suffering from acute pancreatitis, and now it seems he is experiencing organ failure and is being taken to a specialist unit.

He needs our prayers.

Father Peter


  • may God have mercy and grant him peace and healing, and most importantly, spiritual health. may his family grow close to God and know His love.
  • Pray for our fathers and our brethren who are sick with any sickness, whether in this place or in any place, that Christ our God may grant us, with them, health and healing, and forgive us our sins.

    Lord have mercy.

    Pray for me,
  • May Our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on him and heal him with His powerful and loving hand, and help his family in this difficult time. May He also heal all our sick and help all who suffer. Amen.

  • may the Lord have compassion upon him and heal him & strengthen his family

    Rabina mawgood - God is present
  • May the Lord remember the sick among His people. The Lord be with Jeremy and his family.
  • May God's will be done, for His glory!

    Nehkor Allah, benakhod el baraka!
  • Lord have mercy!
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