New Year's Resolution

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Hey guys, i know we have all heard "wats ur new year's resolution, yada yada" but seriously and realistically what are your true new year's resolution. doesnt have to be only religious. and be honest

ill go first. mine are:
1) read the bible and pray every day (I know, i know i should be doing that already :-\)
2)Get closer to God by talking more to him
3) try to be patient with my parents (for those that know me know what i mean. lol)
4) get closer to my friends
5) get good grades


  • helloooo LHM.. i'll be honest..
    1) GET GOOD GRADES (they're horible right now.. :-\)
    2) PRAY FROM THE AGBYA (i usually don't)
    3) READ THE BIBLE (i don't do that either)
    4) STOP THE BAD THINGS I DO (i kno its gonna be hard.. but i'll try)
    5) BE NICE TO MY SISTERS (i'm soo mean to them sumtyms)
    6) DO SUM CHORS (i never do anything)
    7) CLEAN MY ROOM (its a huge mess)

    Rina ;)
  • to work on my lack of zeal both acedemically and spiritually.
    also have more obedience and more simplicity...
  • oooh ur words are a lil big there :D
  • Interesting and motivating topiccccc! My last year's new years resolution was to finish reading the Bible. Sometimes I really wonder why most Christians never have that as a goal. I mean we all say yea were gonna continue reading the Bible everyday and I understand that its not finishing the Bible that makes you Christian or anything but I think its a good goal to work towards. Sometimes we say yea were gonna try to read the Bible daily but for those of you who are like me..i needed a concrete goal and m really close to reaching it (inshallah the coming three days will be enough for me to finish it up :)) so this is a note of encouragement...of course it doesnt stop there, this year I hope to study it more in depth & so on...Again I think its a real honourable goal...the thing that gave me the idea last year was the fact that in one of my classes I sit next to a guy who has the quran memorized ...n in another beside a guy whos read it like 4 times n at drivin school I met an athiest who was even working towards that goal!...m not sure if ma intentions were ideal but m sure glad ive worked towards my goal....So if anyone's thinkin of it...seriously go for it..may seem overwhelming but there are absolutely amazing passages in the Bible that we really miss out on if we dont give it a read of luck to everyone with their new years resolutions n it would be real good if we can do an update every month or so to remind ourselves of em n just encourage everyone to work towards themmmm....c ya guys!
  • i hve a million of thez things but ill just name the top 10:

    1.not to give up to easily
    2.get closer to God and church
    3.not to be a bad influence my brothers and sisters
    5.get good grades less tv spend my money on a jacket im gonna wear 1 time
    8. be more thankful
    9. be more outgoing and social
    10. and last but not least clean my room

    ya i no some of them r pretty wierd but im pretty wierd... :)
  • hey if u call urself wierd then wut am i?? i'm crazy ya i kno but its the truth... but ur soooooo not.. don't ever say that.. :-*

    common guys, more resolutions. btw, im gonna constantly remind you guys of ur resolutions during the year ;)
  • -love every1
    -be nice to every1
    -read my Bible everyday
    -pray from the agbeya everyday
    -be more patient with my sunday school kids !
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