help our faith

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you copts used to teach us and we used to be your sons
but since we have had our own patriarchs you left us alone
i am talking about ERITREA AND ETHIOPIA
i think you dont know what is happening there (here)
so pls pray and do some thing
and if you are doing s.thing pls inform me

in CHRIST amen


  • do u mean this?
    what is the problem in ethiopia?
    we will pray for u dear brothers, may God help u to keep the faith and to be strong in His love.
  • I think there is a certain shy character to things.
  • Trust me, i believe we the copts have it worse in Egypt, things are really messed up in Egypt right now. I will pray for Eritea and Ethiopia.

    May God spare His people.
  • There is a certain aspect where the Ethiopians, for example, asked us to stay away.

    The Eritreans wanted an autocephalus status, which is also to say:  'we want to do our own thing'.
  • i am asking if ABUNA SHENODA could do some thing on the crises of the two countries (faith issue) coz the protestants  are making fun of our faith and secretly the are interning inside  the church and desterbing our dogmas

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