The Holy Cross and Science ???

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Scientists have proved experimentally the miracle-working properties of the sign of the cross and prayer.

‘We have ascertained that the old custom to make a sign of the cross over food and drink before a meal has a profound mystical meaning. Standing behind it is the practical use: the food is purified literally in an instant. This is a great miracle, which happens literally every day,’ physicist Angelina Malakhovskaya said as cited by the Zhizn newspaper on Friday.

Malakhovskaya have studied that power of the sign of the cross with the blessing of the Church for nearly ten years now. She has carried out a great number of experiments, which have been repeatedly verified before their results were made public.

She has discovered in particular the unique bactericidal properties of water after being blessed by an Orthodox prayer and a sign of the cross. The study also revealed a new, earlier unknown property of the Word of God to transform the structure of water, increasing considerably its optical density in the short ultra-violet spectral region, the newspaper writes.

The scientists have verified the impact the Lord’s Prayer and the Orthodox sign of the cross make on pathogenic bacteria. Water samples from various reservoirs – wells, rivers, lakes – were taken for the research. All the samples had goldish taphylococcus, a colon bacillus. It turned out however, that if the Lord’s Prayer is said and a sign of the cross is made over them, the number of harmful bacteria will decrease seven, ten, hundred and even over thousand times.

The experiments were made in such a way as to exclude a possible impact of mental suggestion. The prayer was said by both believer and non-believers, but the number of pathogenic bacteria in various environments with different sets of bacteria still decreased as compared to the reference templates.

The scientists have also proved the beneficial impact that the prayer and the sign of the cross have on people. All the participants in the tests had their blood pressure stabilized and blood indexes improved. Strikingly, the indexes changed towards the healing needed: hypotensive people had their blood pressure raised, while hypertensive people had it reduced.

It was also observed that if the sign of the cross is made offhandedly, with the three fingers put together unscrupulously or placed outside the necessary points – the middle of the forehead, the center of the solar plexus and the recesses in the right and left shoulders – the positive result was much weaker or absent altogether.



  • I am afraid that I don't believe this at all and it seems almost blasphemous.

    The Lord's Prayer and the Sign of the Cross are not magic, and it seems to me that to subject them to scientific scrutiny in this way makes them devoid of any value - as if they have value in themselves.

    I would want to see a lot more verification of this idea other than a report from the woman herself.

    Father Peter
  • Miracles are not magic.  The Signs and Words of Our Master are not incantations.
  • ?!??! why do they feel a need to "scientifically prove" everything !  It's incredibly irritating, humans need to take a step back and understand that not everything can be scientifically proven, nor does it need to be, and humans are not the top of the food chain. All this stuff that we "know" or think we "know" is nothing in comparison to the infinite knowledge of God...gah they just need to stop.  a miracle is a miracle...not science or magic.
  • It's the "Thomas" factor in human beings.
  • i'm glad u said that, father peter, it sounded dodgy to me too.
  •   I don't know how u look at it but I love it. God does not have His children in Church but also in laboratories. What is wrong with showing the power of God in the way they understand?
      Let us not think that we are all the same or at the same level of faith. God is not revealed in some narrow rigid planned things.
      I don't remember any magic which uses the sign of the Holy Cross and The Lord's prayer.
      Those who truly seek me will find me. What if she was seeking God in the way she understands? a priest and a scientist cannot have the same level of faith. We are all different.
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  • You cannot examine God under the microscope or by telescope.  Save yourself the time of trying.
  •   This experiment is not intended to search God through a microscope. It just shows the healing power of the sign of the Cross in a scientific way. It shows the universality of the sign of the Cross.
      I see no valid argument from u to oppose this experiment.
  • binC,

    I guess to most of us here..

    i. It seems blasphemous to subject divine things to study in this way.

    ii. The whole experiment is flawed if, as it appears, the sign of the cross was made simply as a gesture and without faith. It is not magic.

    iii. I don't think most people actually believe this was/is a scientific experiment at all. It seems to be pseudo-science. Which journal have these results been published in? A search of Google seems to show that they never have been but are simply an announcement by this person.

    Father Peter
  • Zhizn newspaper in Russia.

    I posted the source in the original post.
  • A newspaper report is not publication for peer review in an academic journal.

    A real scientist would not have issued a press report but submitted a research paper. I can find no evidence that any science has been submitted or published in relation to this report, only that it was announced in a newspaper.

    Father Peter
  • [quote author=binC link=topic=9435.msg116288#msg116288 date=1278674565]

    Scientists have proved experimentally the miracle-working properties of the sign of the cross and prayer.

    That's enough for me to disregard the entire article. Prayers are answered according to how God sees fit, not how we want it.

    I doubt any disbeliever would be convinced anyways.
  • I just found a link that proves:

    1.  The Loch Ness Monster
    2.  Bigfoot
    3.  Leprechauns
    4.  Green Men from Mars
    5.  The Moon is made of Cheese
    6.  The World is flat
    7.  Pink Elephants
  • ilovesaintma...I just found also a link that proves u r not funny.

    Anyways forget the whole thing. It might be a mistake after all.
  • [quote author=binC link=topic=9435.msg116565#msg116565 date=1279177164]
    ilovesaintma...I just found also a link that proves u r not funny.

  • I am not funny.

    I try to tell it like it is.

    I lack humor.

    I was born without a 'funny bone'.

    I was also, unlike all human beings, born without feelings and emotions.
  • hey guys, don't get into an argument, i love u all. God accepts us all as we are, even me!  ;)
  • I just like to spew sarcasm sometimes.

  • Peace !
  • ilovesaintmark, you have been very humorous these past days. Has the heat been getting to you?  8) 8) ;D
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  • Geo,

    ilovesaintmark, you have been very humorous these past days. Has the heat been getting to you?

    As stated previously, and as judged by others on this site, I have no humor.  I am humorless.

    However I am 'Mokhless', which either means I lack a brain, or I am faithful.  This depends on the connotation by 'Arablish' or the dennotation by pure Arabic.

    Heat has no bearing on me.  I lack body temperature.  I have been called very cold.
  • Buy a sweater, should warm you up...
  • jshouk,

    Wool or Cashmere?
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