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Some people at my church have started a website that has Orthodox books in the form of Ebooks so they are free to read. There aren't that many yet but in about a week there'll be over 100 (It takes that long for books to be processed by Google). The website is orthodoxebooks.org and I advise people to take a look at it. The books are all in English and most of the Pope Shenouda books are there and the topics of the books range from Bible studies to sayings of the church fathers to calmness. It's really great and the best part is you don't have to download anything you can read the books online. I advise people to take a look at it, because it's just absolutely amazing and you can really benefit spiritually from them.

There are now actually over 300 books on the site.


  • Wow good job man. Now I will know what our orthodox church approves of instead of researching every book I want to read. Oh did I mention

    GREAT JOB!!!!!! :D ;D ;D ;D
  • There's only 3 books right now but there is more on the way. Apparently I was mistaken and it can take google 2 months to process the other 100 books. I doubt it takes that much time and I think that its the max time. They should be up in 2 weeks though. There's another 37 books on google books that haven't yet been put on the website so if you look up pope shenouda on google books, you should find many of those.
  • Thanks man, i don't know how to thank you.
  • Oh yeah, You have to click on all books at the top to view all the books and not just the first 3. It also says the books have zero views but the counter is currently not working.
  • aw, i thought i was special cuz i was the first one. lol
  • Also, is there a way where we can download the pdf from the site or no?
  • There will eventually be. You can do it however if you click the "More about this book button in the bottom right portion of the book. That should bring up the page on google books and if you look on the right, it should say Download: PDF under read this book. This isn't available for all the books (and we're trying to figure out why, because all are set to allow downloads). We emailed google and hopefully with your prayers it will work and all the books will be processed speedily.
  • what country are u in? is yr church one of anba bola's?
    or r there many anba bolas?
  • Well, thank you guys and may God bless your great effort and reward u greatly.
  • Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone has and can email me or lead me a link with a pdf version of "Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans" by Fr. Tadros Malaty?

    Much appreciated!

  • Hey Mabsouta,

    I go to St. Marks church in Fairfax, VA, United States.
  • i only know the anba bola from el-gharbia, egypt.
    may God bless yr church  :)
  • My church isn't that of Anba Bola. I just put that as my username because I like Anba Bola. My church's intercessor is St. Mark
  • Here is a link with all of the books: http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=inpublisher:orthodoxebooks&num=50

    I really recommend reading the release of the spirit which contains writings of Pope Shenouda from before he even became a monk. It's really great and contains a lot of great writings from Pope Shenouda that are really beneficial.
  • Another really great book that I'd reccomend is Diabolic Wars by Pope Shenouda. Also we now have all of the books viewable on our site (only 40 right now because Google still has to process the rest, but once all is processed there will be almost 200 books) and we have others which we didn't upload viewable on our site, such as orthodox prayer life, although the whole thing isn't viewable as it is a preview.
  • I have a TON of ebooks. The site makes it very difficult to upload them but I am doing my best. I have a bunch of Chrysostom, Shenouda, History books on Coptic stuff. Its painfully slow but I am really trying.
  • [quote author=Ioannes link=topic=9417.msg116282#msg116282 date=1278644605]
    I have a TON of ebooks. The site makes it very difficult to upload them but I am doing my best. I have a bunch of Chrysostom, Shenouda, History books on Coptic stuff. Its painfully slow but I am really trying.

    actually if you could send me or anba bola a zip file with all your ebooks it would be much better since we have a different way of processing from google books. uploading from that site will take a while to build because of copyright laws and what not.

    hope you understand :)
  • What is your email Crazy 4 Christ? I dont know how to zip files either but I can send u a few books at a time.
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  • Thanks anba bola please thank your friends.
    I'd like to ask though who are W. Hanna and A. Hanna??


    Was wondering if anyone has and can email me or lead me a link with a pdf version of "Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans" by Fr. Tadros Malaty?

    It seems very difficult to find this one on sites hosting other COC ebooks, like:

    Perhaps Ioannes or anba bola have a copy...

    BUT if you read Arabic then we're lucky! this is the only online ver.:


    PS: while searching for the book for clay I noticed that a few English speaking non-christian researchers have misused (or tampered) some text in 'Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans' by Fr Tadros Malaty to deceive their readers into thinking that the Epistle announced the coming of an ultimate prophet after prophet Issa... could be reason for the rarity of the English version (???)
  • The file 'RomansALL.pdf' (1.3 MB) is available for download at
    for the next 7 days.
    It will be removed after Friday, July 16, 2010.

    here is the link for romans if there is something wrong in it please tell
  • Thank you Crazy4Christ1, it is not easy to find.

    "BUT if you read Arabic then we're lucky!"
    means I tried to find the English ver. for you but I was unlucky.

    Thanks again Crazy4Christ1.
  • We now have 170 books viewable on google books. This link: (http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=inpublisher:orthodoxebooks&num=100) has almost all of them
  • well done! great site.
    does anyone have anything about how to talk to nestorians? (i have a nestorian friend) i have read some of the translated works of the early church fathers on this, but they are very complicated and in old english. is there anything simpler out there (online or to order) that basically explains to a nestorian why they need to understand as we do that the divine nature of Jesus Christ was together with His human nature from His incarnation and not sometime afterwards?
    how can i explain to my friend (who thinks these differences are small and unimportant) that it is essential for our salvation that Jesus, the incarnate Word of God was divine and human and that there was never any separation of the natures since the time of the incarnation for all eternity?
  • Hi brothers and sisters.

    I forget to mention that someone did quite promptly send me the e-book! Thank you for all those who searched for me as well.


    God bless.
  • Mabsoota,

    His Eminence, Metropolitan Bishoy--Metropolitan of Damyat and Secretary of the Holy Synod--has a very nice book on this issue.  When I gt home I will send you the name.  It is in a lot of the church bookstores.
  • thanks a lot, that top one is what i need  :)
    will read it today insha-allah
  • Great news. All books with authors are now on the website so you can see them directly fromorthodoxebooks.org. There are still more books that are being processed by Google that still aren't on Google books yet but when they are processed they will posted on the site.
  • I would like to ask that if anyone has a book on their hard drive that we don't have, that they upload it to the website. This would give others a chance to obtain knowledge from this book and could aid them. Just go to this link: http://www.orthodoxebooks.org/node/add/uploads It only allows uploads up to 7 mb. However if you have a book that is larger than 7mb just send me a pm and I can get it up another way.
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